What Do Mommies Like?

Moms are smart and savvy shoppers who won’t let manufacturers get away with selling overpriced junk to naive consumers. Parents have a myriad of expenses to think about from diapers to braces to college tuition, so they are careful to spend their hard-earned money wisely.

As consumers we are bombarded daily with advertisements that promise to make our lives easier, save us time, and solve our problems. The question that remains in our mind after watching these commercials is ‘is that really true?’

Some products pleasantly meet our expectations. Unfortunately, we’ve all fallen victim to the lure of a product that turned out to be absolute trash. And once in a while, our eyes light up in delight when we find a product that exceeds our expectations! Perhaps the product is user-friendly, built of high-quality materials, or an all around terrific value for the money – these are the kinds of products that moms share with their friends.

MommiesLike.com is place to read reviews of high-quality products that moms have purchased, used, and reviewed. Here at MommiesLike, we don’t accept advertisements from manufacturers; we believe that you’re already overloaded with ads in your daily life. Here we present third-party unbiased facts that we have discovered about products that parents buy. From car seats to dollhouses, we are here to help you figure out which products are the best value, and what to expect from your purchases so that you’re not surprised when the items you order arrive at your door. We are constantly reviewing new products and adding to MommiesLike to serve you best.

Here’s an alphabetical listing of our current reviews.  More are coming soon!

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