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Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park

Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park

The Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park is a magnificent water park for children of all ages. In fact, the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park is like having your very own water park installed in your private yard for maximum fun!

This is one of the largest backyard inflatable water slides on the market, measuring at 18′ wide by 11′ wide and 10.5′ in height, so be sure that you have sufficient sunny space in your yard to hold this fun slide! This Banzai slide includes the electric pump which will stay on the whole time you are using this device. It sets up in about three minutes flat, although takes longer to put it away. (Read below for all the pros and cons of the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park.) It features a large, curved slide, basketball hoop, and a canon for some friendly water-blasting among friends. (Like a water gun, yet so much more fun!)

Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park review

What do real parents who have purchased the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park have to say about it? We’ve scoured the web for all the reviews — the good and the bad — and present them to you here, along with some tips to care for this product from experienced users.

Watch how well this water slide holds up with a bunch of fun loving kids:

Pros and Cons of the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park:


  • Provides hours and hours of fun for kids of all ages!  Save your money — rather than taking a trip or two to an amusement park, buy this slide to provide fun all season long right at home!  (Note: Maximum weight per child:  100 lbs.)
  • Kids don’t need to get off the slide to climb back up and go down again, which eliminates tracking lots of dirt onto it.
  • Many parents reported that they got two full summer’s use out of this water slide, using it a couple of days of the week throughout the hot season with multiple kids!  Divide the investment in this slide by the hours your kids will be using it, and it turns out to be a bargain:)
  • This is subjective:  Many parents reported that this slide is heavy duty, very rugged and well made.
  • Several small children can be on the Banzai slide at the same time, making this an ideal venue for kids’ birthday parties.  It may also make your kid the most popular one in the neighborhood!
  • Despite all the water fun with this blow up slide, parents reported that even after leaving this on for several hours a few days a week, the water bill hardly jumped.
Banzai inflatable water slide


  • There is no padding under the pool where kids land at the end of the slide.  Some parents placed moving blankets or yoga mats underneath in order to cushion the landing.
  • Setting this Banzai inflatable water slide up is fast and easy, but taking it down and storing it is a seriously time-consuming task.
  • This is subjective:  Many parents reported that some rips along the seams developed with extended use.  There is a repair kit included for tears on the slide, but it can be a hassle to use.
  • The drain in the pool is small, so it takes a while to drain that way.  Many families used buckets to drain it faster.

Tips for using the Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park:

(Hallie, in this video, says it does not hurt her bottom when she slides down, and he didn’t put any blankets or mats under the end of the slide!)

  • Squeeze a few drops of tear-free soap (or use kids’ shampoo) at the top of the slide to lessen friction for a faster slide.  This also helps eliminate odors and mold.
  • To clean up, here were the two best ideas:  1.  While the air pump is running, drain the slide and then flip it upside down to get rid of all the water from the footholds and air chambers.  2.  Turn off the air pump and water, and let the whole slide deflate and drain.  Then turn the air back on, and allow it to dry in the sun.
  • After the warm weather has passed, parents reported that the slide is still fun to use with imaginative play when it is dry- for hours and hours!
  • Use a small utility hose (a Home Depot 1/12 HP utility pump, the kind that attaches to garden hoses) to pump the water out of the pool and recirculate it.  Otherwise, the water from the pool overflows, and after a while can cause significant lawn damage and a high water bill.
  • Let the kids know that this awesome water slide comes with rules:  No leaning or hanging on the nets on the top, one person at a time at the top of the slide, no sharp objects near the slide.
  • If you use this a lot, expect it to have about a two-year life span.  It gets a lot of stress, with the blower, kids jumping, and water all over it.  Although it’s made well, like all fabrics, it just won’t last forever.
  • Be sure to buy this inflatable water slide through Amazon.  Their customer service is awesome, and if you have a problem like rips in the slide early on, they will offer you a replacement or refund.
  • Although the instructions say to take out all of the water tubing every time you put it away, if you’ll be using the water slide again soon, you can leave it in — just be aware that it obviously won’t fold up as well.
  • Keep a large tarp under this inflatable water slide to prevent lots of mud and grass from accompanying the kids’ feet onto the slide, thereby keeping it cleaner.
  • It seems to be virtually impossible to fold the water slide well enough to fit back into the provided bag.  You may want to look for a bigger bag, box, or just keep it on a tarp in your garage.
Banzai inflatable water slide


2 Responses to “Banzai Wipeout Curve Water Park”
  1. amie says:

    i am looking to purchase a water slide, But i want one that recirculates the water from the pool down the slide instead of running the hose all daay long
    which ones do that?

    • Hi Amie,

      Good question. I have not seen a water slide that does that, but you can attach a recirculating pump to these slides. You can get them at Home Depot and attach them easily. If you do find a slide that recirculates the water, let us know!

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