Best Wooden Dollhouse

Are you wondering which wooden dollhouse is best? There are so many on the market, that doing the research on your own can be very time-consuming. (I think it’s fun! That’s why I did it for you!)

Here are the 5 top dollhouses, as ranked by reviews on from satisfied customers:

best kidkraft dollhouse

1. The Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse: This is a gorgeous dollhouse that is 4 stories tall, contains 8 rooms, and comes with 34 pieces of wooden furniture! This dollhouse has rave reviews from parents and grandparents who report that they highly recommend the Majestic Mansion dollhouse to their friends, and that it’s the highlight of their kids’ play-dates! It has a gliding elevator that slides from the second to the third floor and beautiful decorative paintings on the walls. This dollhouse has access on 3 sides; the back is plain paneling so it can sit against a wall and save space. You won’t be able to pull your little girl away from the Majestic Mansion for quite some time!

the best dollhouses

2. The Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse: Like the other Kidkraft dollhouses, the So Chic is made of wood for lasting durability and years of fun and imaginative play. The So Chic dollhouse is 3 stories high, contains 10 rooms, and has 45 pieces of furniture included! There is no end to the way that you can arrange all the fun pieces of solid wood furniture in this airy and spacious dollhouse. It’s open on all 4 sides for maximum play access, and would be best positioned in the center of a room. Several children can easily play with this dollhouse at once… for hours and hours!

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best wooden dollhouses

3. The Kidkraft Cherry Hill Deluxe Dollhouse: Another gorgeous dollhouse, the Cherry Hill is 2 stories high, contains 8 rooms, and comes along with 32 pieces of wooden furniture! You’ll notice that the Cherry Hill dollhouse has a unique feature: it rotates like a Lazy Susan so that you can spin it around and easily access it from any angle. It can be placed on a table or on a floor, but not against the wall or it won’t be able to spin. Many hours of imaginative play will be spent surrounding the Cherry Hill – it is definitely a dollhouse that will be the focus point of any playroom!

best dollhouses

4. The Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse: This is one of the most popular dollhouses on the market – for good reason! The Savannah dollhouse is 4 stories high and contains 6 full-sized rooms for dolls, plus 2 additional cute balconies for the dolls to step out and get some fresh air. It includes 13 pieces of solid wood furniture to decorate the rooms of this Southern-styled mansion. The colors and background decor on the walls of the Savannah are simply magnificent. This is a dollhouse to be cherished and passed down to the next generation for endless hours of glamorous fun!

the best wooden dollhouse

5. The Kidkraft Suite Elite Dollhouse: Made of wood and 3 stories tall, the Suite Elite contains 4 rooms and 16 pieces of dollhouse furniture – plus an elegant chandelier! The feminine pink and purple tones of this elegant dollhouse make it the highlight of any girl’s bedroom or playroom – it’s even elegant enough to display in the finest of living rooms! There is a working manual elevator that glides from the first floor to the second and a glamorous pink staircase that leads your dolls to the master suite up on the third floor. Breathtakingly beautiful in its attention to detail, this Suite Elite dollhouse that will expand little girls’ imaginations for years of fun play!

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In conclusion: Think about where you want to place this dollhouse: Against a wall? In the center of a room? On a table? That will help you figure out which one best suits your needs!

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