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What makes the Britax Advocate different from the Britax seats? What are the advantages of the Advocate over others on the market? We at did the research and want to pass along our findings!

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- Safety
- Video
- Side Impact Safety
- Installation
- Dimensions
- Ease of Use
- Fabric
- Pros and Cons
- Customer Reviews

Important Note: The review on this page refers to the new Britax Advocate 70 G3. If you are seeking information about the previous version, the Britax Advocate 70 CS, you can read this page where we explain the differences between the new and old version of the Advocate.


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What sets this car seat apart from its cousin, the Britax Boulevard G3 which boasts a similar size to the Advocate, this seat comes with side impact “cushions” that resemble airbags to help soften the energy of a side collision impact by 45%, according to the manufacturer. This feature also serves as protection to anyone sitting next to this seat, to prevent these passengers from being harmed by the force of the car seat hitting them in the event of a crash.

advocate carseat g3 review

The Advocate utilizes Britax’s trademarked SafeCell Technology in the base which are small cells that compress instantly in the event of an accident, thereby lowering the seat’s center of gravity.

You can see how the SafeCell technology keeps your child safe by absorbing crash forces and minimizing impact with the front seat in this video:

In this new G3 Advocate, Britax has added SafeCell technology to the HUGS chest pads for additional safety, which you can view in this video: (The HUGS (Harness Ultra Guard System) pads on the Advocate’s harness, cushion the neck and chest while maintaining head position in order to keep it from moving forward in the event of an accident.)

The patented, energy-absorbing Versa-Tether has staged-release tether webbing, anchoring the top of the seat at two points to minimize forward movement. This is similar to the concept falling off the top branch of a tall tree — the Versa Tether breaks up your fall by forcing you to fall onto multiple branches on the way down, rather than just free-falling down from that high point and landing with sudden impact. You can see this concept clearly in this video, starting around 32 seconds in:

Britax is the only company that uses steel bars in their car seats, which serve to increase the car seat’s adherence to the vehicles’s wall, in order to minimize forward flexing in an accident. You can see the steel bars here:


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In the video above you can plainly see how dangerous side-impact collisions can be. When a crash involves the front or rear of the car, there is a lot of space between the point of impact and your child, which is not the case in a side-impact crash.

Additionally, the Advocate is the only car seat with a feature designed to protect passengers who are sitting adjacent to the car seat. A car seat can be a potential danger for a person sitting beside a car seat who can be hit by the hard shell of the car seat during a crash. The Advocate minimizes that danger due to its side air cushions which act like an air bag to absorb crash forces and cushion impact.


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the britax advocate 70 CS review

If your child is under 40 lbs or your specific vehicle allows the use of LATCH for a higher weight limit, you may want to take advantage of the easy to use push-on style of LATCH connectors. They can be used in the same position no matter which way the car seat is facing. If you choose not to, there is a storage area to keep them tucked away, as well as storage space for the tether which can be used in either rear or forward facing positions as well. To use the tether while rear-facing, you can use the D-Ring Britax includes to wrap around any stationary metal part of the car like a seat leg, and tether the seat to that. Confused? Not to worry: Britax included a card with installation diagrams in a pocket on the Advocate!

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When using the seat belt, you can rest assured you’ll get the seat in tightly with the built in lockoffs that allow the seat belt to be threaded through the car seat and locked before tightening it all the way. When using a carseat without LATCH, this is a major feature to look for.

Installing the Britax in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions was a breeze, especially when using LATCH. Britax is known for having seats that are easy to install, and the easier it is to install, the more likely it will be installed well, and therefore the more likely your child will be safe.
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the britax advocate CS review


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The Advocate weighs 21 lbs, is 15 inches at its base, and 21″ at its widest point. The shell is 28″ high, giving the seat an overall height of 32″.

It can be used rear-facing from 5-40 lbs, and forward facing from 20-70 lbs.

The harness slots are from 9 inches to 17 inches, with 10 levels all together. While Britax says the seat can be used until 49″, it may be outgrown sooner if either the child’s ears are higher than the shell or his shoulders are higher than the top harness slot. Rear-facing, it can be used until the child’s head is within 1″ of the top of the shell.

Ease of Use

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Ok, so it installs easily. How easy is the Advocate to use on a day to day basis? Extremely easy! Need to adjust the harness height? No need to uninstall. There is a handle at the top of the seat that you can raise or push down. At the beginning, it may be stiffer to use, but after using it one or two times, it should get easier.

This video shows you how simple it is to raise the harness height, which is especially helpful if you’ll be using this car seat for siblings or play dates and the kids are of various heights!

To take advantage of the CS feature which makes an audible click when the harness is secure, just pull the slack out of the harness straps, and you’ll find out soon enough that you’ve tightened it properly.

You can adjust the crotch strap to a new position if necessary by turning it on its side and re-threading it.

Important Note: There are 3 recline positions which are meant to be used when installing, not to use after installation to help your child sleep well! This is a common mistake parents have with many of the seats on the market, and not specific to the Advocate.

britax advocate fabric


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The Advocate has more fabric options than the Boulevard. As with many Britax seats, the covers are usually plush and fit for a king. There is additional padding which can be removed if desired for the seating area. There is an infant insert which looks beautiful in the seat, and there is a belly pad that goes over the crotch strap.

The cover can be removed without undoing the harness or uninstalling the seat. Major plus for anyone with little kids. Wait, doesn’t everyone using this seat have little kids?! It’s nice to see a car seat that keeps this in mind. You can use cool water and a gentle soap to hand wash the cover.

One drawback is that some users noted the cover didn’t stay on well, and a bit more fabric would have kept it in place better.

Pros and Cons

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Pros: This seat is FAA approved, so it can be used on airplanes (if you want to lug this heavy seat around!).

Pros: With a 7 year expiration, it should last you the length of time your child will need to be in the seat. (Most car seats expire after six years.)

Pros: It has side wings, which offer greater protection in case of a side-impact crash for both the child in the car seat as well any other passenger (adult or child!) who may be sitting adjacent to this car seat.

Pros: Just as you can find in the Britax Marathon and Boulevard, there is no re-threading necessary to adjust the height of the shoulder straps. This is especially useful if you’ll use this car seat for multiple siblings of different heights, or for carpools or playdates. (Otherwise, you would need to uninstall the car seat to adjust the height of the shoulder straps, and then reinstall it each time a different child of a different height rides in it!)

The CS feature – Click-n-Safe – is helpful if a grandparent or other caregiver who is unfamiliar with strapping kids into car seats will be taking your child for a ride, as it sounds an audible click when the harness is properly tightened.

Cons: The Britax Advocate is one of the priciest car seats on the market. If you don’t have the budget for this high-end seat, be aware that all car seats sold in the USA have been certified as safe for use by the NHTSA.

Cons: Although Britax has done there own internal safety tests, there are no third party tests that demonstrate that the Advocate’s side wings make the car seat safer, even though car seat technicians do state that it stands to reason that the air-filled chambers on the side will offer protection to the child in the Advocate and any children seated nearby in a side-impact collision.

Cons: Some users of the Advocate were disappointed in the CS feature, which can click too soon – before the harness has been sufficiently tightened.

Customer Reviews

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“This car seat saved my daughter’s life! We were in an accident a few weeks ago, and the car was totaled. I was in the hostpital for a week, but my daughter was discharged with just a small scratch on the same day. What a small price to pay for safety!”

~ Azid, reviewer on Amazon (read more here: Britax Advocate Reviews)

“The side cushions of air on the Britax Advocate function the same way that airbags do: They slow the rate at which a person’s head will go from motion to rest in the event of an impact, thus minimizing damage to the skull and spine. Although these side cushions may not help that much during a collision that impacts the front or back of a car, they will definitely offer tremendous protection during a side-impact collision — both to the child in the Advocate and the siblings who are seated next to the Advocate. To the best of my understanding, this makes the Advocate one of the safest seats around.”

~ Mary, reviewer on Amazon read more here: Britax Advocate Reviews)

Amazon Rating: 4.5 Stars


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