Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Convertible Car Seat Review

The Britax Boulevard convertible car seat:

A Comprehensive Review from experienced consumers. Read about the Pros and the Cons and where to get the best price for this safety seat.

britax boulevard g3 review

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- Overview
- Dimensions
- Safety
- Best Price
- Comfort
- Ease of Strap Adjustments
- Ease of Installation
- Customer Reviews
- Video Overview
Here is my comprehensive review of the Britax Boulevard:

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It can take a significant amount of time to research the Internet in order to find the perfect car seat for your baby. Thankfully for you, I have done all of the ground work and have compiled a spreadsheet that offers all of the features as well as the price ranges of convertible car seats. One of the major problems in compiling this chart, is that many websites offers different information, which, in some cases is completely contradictory to the information on another website! For your convenience, I have produced this review of the Boulevard that takes into account all the reviews from other parents and professionals, as well as up-to-date information from Britax employees, so you do not have to go through multiple websites, since I already did research for you!

britax boulevard 70 convertible car seat review

The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is an improvement over the older Next Generation Boulevard 70.

Please Note: This review is for the new Boulevard 70 G3. You can still buy the older Next Generation Britax Boulevard 70 in stores and online, so if you are looking for a review of the older Boulevard 70, you can use this review and check out our write up on this page which shows you the three changes that have been made in the G3 version of this car seat. And if you’re looking for the old Boulevard 70 CS, then you’ll want to see our chart on this page, which shows how it’s been renamed as the Pavilion G3.

This car seat is completely convertible which means that you get the most use out of the money that you spend. A convertible car seat means that it grows along with your child. It faces the rear of the car for the new baby and is perfect for your older child up until she weighs 70 pounds. When it is facing the back, your child needs to be at least 5 pounds, which is typically the least a baby can weigh when released from the hospital. (For preemies who are less than five pounds, check out this page for other recommendations.) In this rear-facing position, the child can weigh up to 40 pounds. When the seat is facing forward, the child must weigh at least 20 pounds and no more than 70 pounds and must be at least one year old. Those who have more than one child and who need to have two car seats should keep in mind that due to this seat’s size, if you have two Britax seats in the same row of your back seat, there won’t be much room for a third passenger in that row in small cars — however, the Btitax seats do ‘puzzle’ together nicely and many parents with minivans or large sedans can fit 3 Britax seats side-by-side.


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Here is all the information about the stated limits of the Boulevard G3 as well as the exact measurements for various aspects of this seat:

Stated Limits:

Rear-facing Weight Range: 5-40 lbs.
Rear-facing Height Range: 49 in. / at least 1 inch shell above head
Forward-facing Weight Range: 20-70 lbs.
Forward-facing Height Range: up to 49 in.
Forward-facing Age Range: 1 year and older


Shortest Buckle Position: 5.5 in.
Longest Buckle Position: 8 in.
Lowest Harness Height: 8.75 in.
Highest Harness Height: 17 in.
Internal Seating Depth: 11.5 in.
Internal Seating Height: 24 in.
Internal Bottom Width: 11 in.
Internal Shoulder Width: 12 in.
External Seat Width: 20 in.
Crotch Buckle Length: 5.25 in.

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Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat Safety:

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My first and foremost concern when choosing a car seat was obviously safety.

The most essential aspect of car seat research is always safety. The Britax G3 convertibles offer additional safety features not found in other brands:

Britax’s additional safety features: (not found in other brands!)

Britax has patented SafeCell technology, which it uses in the base of its car seats, as well as in the HUGS harness pads. The SafeCells are honeycomb-shaped hollow walls that are designed to compress in case of an accident.

You can see how the SafeCells lower the center of gravity and absorb crash forces in this short video:

This video shows you how the SafeCell technology has been added to the HUGS pads (explanation of HUGS to follow!) in order to deflect crash forces away from your child:

Britax is the only company that incorporates the HUGS system in their convertible car seats. HUGS is an acronym for Harness Ultra Guard System, and this means that it exceeds the standards that are set by the federal government for car seats. It cushions the neck and chest, restrains the upper body in order to keep it from moving forward in the event of an accident. With this system, there is a higher level of safety as the baby or child cannot slip out of the seat while you are driving.
hugs pads on carseat

The patented, energy-absorbing Versa-Tether has staged-release tether webbing, anchoring the top of the seat at two points to minimize forward movement. This is analogous to falling out of a high branch of a tree — the Versa Tether breaks up your fall by forcing you to fall onto multiple branches on the way down, rather than just free falling from the top of the tree. You can see this concept clearly in this video, starting around 32 seconds in:

Additionally, you can clearly feel the straps of the Britax are superior to any other strap in the marketplace, and the straps on most other brands felt thin and even flimsy in comparison to the thick, durable, and wide webbing of the Britax straps. The additional width spreads impact and holds the child more securely in case of a crash, so that alone is worth the extra bucks that this seat costs.

Additionally, the Boulevard also has an additional feature called True Side Impact Protection, which is a system composed of the rigid seat shell, the deep side walls minimize impact in case of a crash into the side of the vehicle- which is actually one of the most common types of crashes. (This is actually the one feature that this Boulevard has, which its cousin, the Marathon, does not have.)

Britax Boulevard Convertible Ease of installation:

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rear view of boulevard convertible carseat

One of the biggest issues with car seats is not the fact that they do not offer the protection that is needed; rather, statistics show that unfortunately, most car seats are not installed properly by those who are using them!

This car seat offers the most in quick and easy installation and daily use. This also means that the seat does not have to be installed and removed constantly as it is ready to go every time it is needed, and the harness height can be easily adjusted with necessitating accessing the rear of the seat.

Parents who had used other brands of car seats felt strongly that only a Britax did not budge a bit once it was installed!

Note: Ease of installation is of paramount importance regarding SAFETY if you will switch the car seat between Mom/ Dad/ Grandma/ the sitter’s vehicles on a regular basis. (Otherwise, someone, at some point, won’t bother to install the car seat correctly when transitioning to different cars.)

You can see how easy it is to install this seat using LATCH here: (It’s nearly as easy to install using seat belts, too!)

Testimonial from a Dad: “My 18 month old daughter was riding in one of these when the truck she was in, a Dodge Ram, rolled over repeatedly at highway speed. My wife was cut and bruised and her mother suffered fractured vertebrae. My daughter literally was not scratched.”

Britax Boulevard Car Seat Ease of Strap Adjustments:

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britax boulevard convertible car seat

With the patented Versa-Tether, it is impossible to strap in the baby or child incorrectly and these straps are guaranteed to never tangle. The head pad and harness are fully adjustable which means that they grow with the child and can be adjusted between a child and a baby with ease. (This is one of the few car seats we recommend if you’ll be using them for carpool or playdates, as it can easily handle the adjustments of kids of various heights!) The infant body pillow can be inserted to give the little ones a better fit and keeps the straps from rubbing on their tender bodies. There are also belt holders that also offer safe traveling because they do not swing around as you’re driving the car and get in the way of other passengers. The buckle latch is flexible which means that it is much easier to close and open for ease of taking the child out of the seat while still being secure enough to hold him in securely. Parents appreciate the ease of use of the Quick-Adjust harness mechanism which does not require strap re-threading. Finally, the five point harness system ensures that the baby is secure without creating friction points on his delicate skin.britax boulevard g3 safety ratings

Look how simple it is to adjust the harness in this user-friendly video:

What about changing kids from thick parkas to light Spring jackets?

If you dress your child in bulky clothing, you only need to adjust the straps using the pull strap or release button found in the very center of the front of the seat, which is terrific for those chilly autumn days when you need a parka one day and just a light jacket the next day.

No “fishing” for the side straps under or behind your baby!

britax boulevard features

Another handy feature only found in Britax car seats is the Velcro on the side of the straps, which keeps them out of the way while placing the child in the seat. A common occurrence in other brands is having to ‘fish out’ the straps from under the child after he is sitting in the seat. This makes getting into the seat easier and faster. (Who wants to hold a crying baby while searching under his bottom for that elusive strap?!)

Comfort of the Britax Boulevard Convertible Car Seat:

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padding of seat

When baby is feeling comfortable, everyone in the car is happy!

It is vital that any car seat be comfortable for the child in order for them to be able to nap or sit in it for long periods of time. This seat is large, plush, and comfortable. The base is sculpted to offer a fit that is perfect for any size baby or child. With just one hand, the seat can be reclined for those times when the little ones fall asleep. There is also extra padding in the headrest and head portion of the seat that not only cushions the head, but offers more safety too. It’s like a Lazy Boy recliner that’s been shrunk to fit your baby!

Height matters – here’s why:

The height of this car seat is advantageous over other lower-sitting car seats since it allows your baby to see out the window which definitely minimizes crying and makes driving more pleasant. (You wouldn’t want to be stuck looking at a door handle and not being able to view any scenery, would you?!)

No “head-flapping-like-a-dead-puppet”!

Parents who used the Britax in the rear-facing position reported that this is one of the only seats where the baby’s head did not roll forward while she was sleeping in that position that looks like a dead puppet — the Britax keeps your baby’s head secure against the seat. One other nice feature is the pads on the shoulder straps: many inferior car seats cause red marks on babies necks due to the friction with the rough straps.

Real customer reviews from real parents:

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g3 boulevard advantages

“I bought a Graco car seat but had so much trouble getting a tight install that I gave it to Goodwill and ordered a Britax Boulevards. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with this seat, it’s everything I could want. Easy to use and install and very comfortable! I should have bought a Britax to begin with!” ~ Julie H.

Parents have stated that this car seat is a bit large and heavy. The bulk of the car seat was mentioned by many, however they thought it was an important aspect of the seat as it offers protection and is not a major issue, unless you’ll need to switch it between cars on a daily basis (In which case a lightweight seat like the Coccoro might be a better option). One family reported about an accident, and the seats were so secure that one baby slept through the accident! Even with the large size, those who drive smaller compact cars had no problem seeing over the top of the seat when in the upright and front position.

The cost was also an issue as it is a bit more expensive than other brands. When considering that the company replaces any car seat that has been in an accident where there is frame damage, the safety of the child can be worth the high price tag for many.

Washing the seat cover:

Babies sometimes vomit, have leaky diapers, or spill their juice on their car seats. Although the directions say to hand wash and air dry the car seat cover, many parents reported to having washed all parts of the car seat cover in the machine on the gentle cycle, and then having it look as good as new after multiple washings. (Machine wash the cover at your own risk, be sure that your washing machine’s setting for gentle is truly gentle!) Inferior brands tend to pill and get worn out after washing, which necessitates ordering a new car seat cover for about $50 every time your child throws up or has a leaky diaper, or just spills a yogurt all over the seat! If you think about it, it’s certainly a good idea to have a replacement cover on hand, just in case you need to go somewhere in a hurry after the baby has dirtied it — and you don’t want to wait for it to be washed and dried. The straps and body of the seat can be sponge washed without any harsh chemicals or immersion. Some parents found it easiest to hose off the straps and body outdoors with a garden hose; or you can simply use a wet rag moistened with a bit of dish or laundry soap.

Another benefit of the Britax Boulevard: You don’t need to uninstall the car seat to get the seat cover off in order to wash it! Many other brands of car seats have washable covers, but require you to access the rear of the seat, and therefore uninstall it from your car each time you want to wash the cover. This makes the washing process much faster and eliminates the hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling the car seat just because of some spilled milk!

Where can I get the Best Price for the Britax Boulevard?

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After lots of surfing, visiting local stores, and calling stores miles away, I found that beat local stores and other websites by $20 – $80 on a regular basis. However, because they are generally the cheapest, it often sells out, so if you see it in stock on Amazon grab it while it’s still available!

britax g3 carseat on amazonNote: Sometimes, when you check out this car seat on Amazon, you will not see a price, rather, Amazon will say, “Check price in cart”. So you add the item to your cart, and then you are shown the price. While this may be inconvenient, it saves you a lot of money: The manufacturer does not allow the product to be sold for less than a certain amount of money publicly. Since Amazon sells this car seat for less than the manufacturer’s allowed price, they cannot display the price until you have added the item to your shopping cart. So, that extra click of your mouse will save you a nice amount of dollars over buying the car seat in a local store or at any other website.

britax boulevard best price

Video Overview

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You can see a video demonstrating how you will secure your child in your Boulevard here:

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28 Responses to “Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Convertible Car Seat Review”
  1. Deepika says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing your research & analysis. I have question on the Boluevard 70 as compared to CS, any thoughts? Which is better?

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for this review. I found it extremely helpful! … thank you also for the side-by-side comparison of the 70 vs. CS. It was helpful to know that the click and safe feature is the only differentiator (I feature I don’t think it necessary for my family… taking your advice and saving the $40 for college!).

    Thanks again for sharing this info!

    • You’re very welcome, Carolyn! Put that money into the college fund before you forget:)

      (Whenever my husband gives our kids haircuts, I take the money we would’ve had to spend at the barber and put it into a special fund — I just do an online transfer, so it’s easy!)

  3. Elizabeth Miller says:

    I recently had an accident–not serious, but I was rear-ended. I was knocked around, and would have had some neck problems myself had it not been for my new car’s whiplash protection headrests.

    But my 4 year old daughter, who was sitting in her Britax Boulevard 65 only heard the loud noise (part of which was me screaming!). I don’t even think she felt the significant thud on the back of our car!

    After 4 years of using this car seat daily, I tell everyone that it is the best money you can spend in preparing for your child. My daughter is quite small (she just weighs 30 pounds), and the Boulevard lifts her up to see the world, cushions her through crazy Chicago pot-holed traffic, and helps her sleep comfortably (without neck strain or need of a pillow) on long trips. It was easy to ease when she was an infant, and is even easier to use in the front-facing position. I’ve really valued the extra pillow which is removable. Because she is smaller, we have used it the past 3 years during the summer, but removed it during snow suit season. She always fits easily, then, in the seat, and has all the cushion she needs. The only difficulty I’ve ever had was fishing out the bottom strap from underneath her dresses because she is petite. I’m pleased to hear that the strap is longer on the 70 model.

    While sometimes she whines that she would like a booster seat like some of her friends, she knows that she will be in this car seat until she is at least 6 or 7. She has the safest car seat for her, and she really wouldn’t like being way down low in the carseat. For us, the Britax will cost less than $50 a year for the ultimate in safety and comfort.

    Now that we must replace our car seat after the accident, our only concern is whether we can find another one in the now mandatory pink.

  4. Carrie says:

    There is a review on Amazon from a woman who claims the side impact restraint broke off and Britax told her to duct tape it back on until they could replace t. Is this possible? If it is true it is horrifying!

    • nichole says:

      Britax would NEVER say that, she is a liar. No company would ever say something like that, their business is in keeping a child safe, not to mention insurance reasons. If a customer rep told someone to duct tape something on a car seat and that person get in an accident they could go after britax. Sounds like someone was broke and pulled out the duct tape and felt the need to make excuses for it online.

  5. Carrie says:

    Scratch that – I think it was for the Marathon70.

  6. Carrie says:

    Checked, it was the Boulevard… sorry to keep posting like a flake. I am done now.

  7. Mary says:

    Hi! I am having our 4th in September, and would really like to go straight to a convertible and skip the infant carrier. What do you know about an infant fitting well in a Boulevard 70? Our babies have so far varied in weight from 6.2 to 9.9 lbs. Thanks!

    • Hi Mary and congrats!

      Yes, you can fit a newborn into the Boulevard 70. Some people prefer putting a newborn into an infant seat, as it can be easier to travel with that removable seat- depending on your lifestyle and preference. The Boulevard comes with an infant cushion padding set for the car seat, which you will probably use for the first 6-10 months of baby’s life!

      Note that babies under 6 lbs. or babies who are exceptionally short in torso length will not fit well in a Boulevard until about 2-4 months of age.

  8. Marty says:


    I am looking for a car seat for my 9-month old, who is slowly outgrowing his infant seat. I did some research, and am down to two options: Britax Boulevard 70 (I guess I’ll skip the CS version, as I always triple check the harness anyway), and Safety 1st Complete Air 65 LX.

    As I understand, all US car seats have to meet standard safety requirements, and most websites say that the rest is just bells and whistles, but even browsing online, I can tell some seats look more sturdy, and, like my two choices have added features that are supposed to protect the little ones better in side crashes.

    Any tips on where to look for more info on Safety 1st car seats? All I get is either the manufacturers site or online stores. I know I need to put my son in it before buying anyway, but I would like to read some more before making my final decision – safety is not something I want to save on here.

    Thank you for any tips in advance, your reviews are great! :)


  9. Carrie says:

    I just wanted to mention that the true side impact protection on my sons car seat also broke. I took off the cover to wash it and found the foam on each side of his head support had completely separated from the seat. He tends to put his hand on each side of those protectors and plays peek-a-boo moving the pieces in and out. This flex back and forth is what has caused the foam to split. My son is 20 months, only 21 pounds, and is not overly strong or aggressive with his seat. For any part of it to break after having only 8 months makes me believe Britax might have many similar complaints regarding this seat. I am under warranty so I’m not overly concerned with them repairing it, I just wanted to mention that this could be a continuous problem with this seat. Other than this issue, I am please with the seat and purchased it for its safety ratings.

  10. Nicole says:

    Can the Britax Boulevard be transferred easily from car to car or must it remain in the same car once installed?

    • The Britax Boulevard, like ALL convertible car seats, is big and heavy. They are made to be used forward and backwards, so there’s no getting around their bulk. That being said, it’s one of the simplest of them all to install. If you have a certain budget in mind, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth it for you to buy a Britax Boulevard and transfer it regularly, or buy 2 cheaper convertible car seats, like the Evenflo Triumph, so that you can leave one in each car.

  11. Beth says:

    We just bought the boulevard CS for my 9 month old son who is very tall- almost 30 inches and is 18 pounds. I feel like the crotch strap can be kind of tight on him and I really dislike this although I like the additional side impact protection of this seat.

    ***My question is would the new Britax Marathon be more loose than the Boulevard CS for crotch strap? Just wondering if there would be a difference in the two. We still need to order one more seat for one of our cars.

    ***Also- is it true that Britax is the only car seat for tall babies that rear faces past 30 inches? T hat’s what the guy at Babies R us told us when we thought about buying another brand. He said since our baby was tall we had to go with a Britax because it was the only one that rear faces past 30 inches.

    THANKS SOO MUCH! we are really lost on this stuff.

    • Ellen says:

      Hi Beth,

      The crotch strap on the new Marathon 70 is indeed longer than it was in previous models, and should provide more room compared to the crotch strap on the Boulevard which is indeed short.

      I’m not sure why the salesperson at BRU said something like that…my guess is that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about (which is unfortunately all too common in stores like this!). 30 inches is the limit in most INFANT car seats, but most of the convertibles available in today’s market last well beyond what an infant seat can handle rear facing. Any of the convertibles we have reviewed here should be able to be used rear facing for well longer than a year, which is when the average baby is about 30 inches.

  12. Marika says:

    I’m trying to decide between the Boulevard and Marathon. My 5 1/2 month old is over 27 inches and 18 1/2 lbs. Which car seat is more comfortable and better for taller babies? I know they are both safe so am not concerned about safety. But do you think the Boulevard is MUCH safer? Thank you!

  13. Marika says:

    PS he HATES the car do while obviously safely is a key concern so is comfort as currently he cries in his Graco snug rider. Thank you!!

  14. Marika says:

    I am anxiously awaiting your response as I need to purchase the car seat today. I’m utterly confused as to whether to go with blvd or marathon for my large 5 1/2 month old. Please please help, I very much appreciate your advice! Thank you kindly!

    • Ellen says:

      I hope it’s not too late!

      Both are extremely safe, and I think you’d be happy in that aspect with either. They should fit your child till around the same age (assuming you’re comparing both models that go up to 70 lbs — they say they fit children on average under 49″), but the Boulevard has an extra level of foam that might help in the comfort aspect.

  15. Eric says:


    Loved the article.. I am trying to choose the best car seat for my little one.. he is 6 months old and he is 27inches already.. he is very lean and not baby chubby.. he weighs ~12lbs..

    I am in Canada and on the Britax (Canadian Site) i do not see the Boulevard 70 listed.. does that mean it is not certified for use in Canada?

    The Canadian standards really piss me off cause of the limitations we have on choices..

    my first choice was the RECARO seats but they are not certified in Canada.. I am afraid of the crotch space on the Boulevard 65 which is what is only available at most of the stores around me.

    plus we use cloth diapers which tend to be a little bulkier, but this was the top on my list to buy..

    suggestions? thoughts?

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into these reviews!

    • Ellen says:

      Yes, as far as I know, the Boulevard available in Canada is the 65 — the 70 is for the USA only. And since we noted complaints on the crotch strap of the 65, it might not work for you :(

      Since your baby is quite thin, I think an Evenflo Triumph or Momentum which are both approved in Canada, IIRC, will work as they have good crotch strap lengths, despite not rear facing to a high weight limit — but since your son is skinny, this won’t be an issue.
      There aren’t as many bells and whistles on those seats, but they’re still good, safe seats.

      I hope that helps you!

  16. Caitlin says:

    Nothing but the (admittedly a bit pricey) 70CS would do for our fourth child (who started life out as the runt of the litter but is now looking more like being the defensive lineman). At 7 lbs 5 oz he looked unbelievably tiny to me at birth, but I goes I was just used to eight-nine pounds +. I had already gotten his infant travel system (the Chicco 30 seat, bases and matching stroller; HIGHLY recommend for the light as a feather weight of the seat AND super light easy-to-flip-open-with-one-hand- stroller, its forward edge safety technology, and their precious fabric patterns – one caveat, if you have your heart set on a Chicco fabric pattern, buy everything at once – stroller, car seat, replacement covers, etc…they do believe in innovation over there and you could very easily wind up with a car seat in a discontinued pattern that you adore, and unable to find the matching stroller).

    Three months of nonstop nursing later, and our little guy’s head and legs were starting to hang over the ends of the infant seat. I researched until my face turned blue became more convinced every day that the Boulevard 70 CS was IT. My son has loved it even up to 2 years old because – and this is a BIG DEAL now that they are encouraging rear facing far past the first birthday – there is PLENTY of leg room for even a long legged baby/young toddler to keep them rear facing up to the now- recommended two years. We are now making the transition to big-boy-two-year-old-front facing. I can’t wait to see his little face tomorrow when he realizes he gets the same view as everyone else!

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