Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat — A Comprehensive Review!

britax roundabout 40 reviewWhen searching for the perfect car seat, it can be difficult to go through all of the different ones to pick out the one that you want to purchase. For this reason, I took it upon myself to do extensive research, as I know from my analysis that there are some definite differences between each brand and even between different models that are offered by the same brand. My first step was to set up a spreadsheet to use for organizing all of the information that I found. Obviously, this is quite a bit of work, but my hard efforts means that you do not have to go through all of it like I did.

NOTE: Although Britax is still marketing this car seat, the Roundabout 40, there is an updated version: the Britax Roundabout 55, which has a much higher weight capacity! As you can see on this Amazon page, when you look at the Roundabout 40, Amazon encourages you to visit the newer car seat, the Roundabout 55. With that in mind, I just put up another page with everything you want to know about the Roundabout 55 here.

britax Roundabout review

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-Best Price
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-Ease of Installation
-Customer Reviews

Those who are looking for a car seat that is small enough for a compact car while still offering the same comfort as some of the larger models can appreciate this car seat. It converts easily from back facing to forward facing without taking up too much room in the vehicle. While it does not offer the booster seat that some other offer, it still grows with the child until they are ready for one. This is perfect for any new baby up to a child who weighs forty pounds in the front facing position.

Safety Features of the Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat

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britax roundabout 40 car seat reviewWhen it comes to safety, this car seat does not comprise in the same way it does with the size. Instead, it has all the safety features that you would expect to find in some of the much larger models on the market and by the same manufacturer. It has deep sides that offer side impact protection and which also adds the benefit of being very comfortable for the baby or child. It is padded around the framework and shell with foam that absorbs the shocks of big bumps or even projectiles in the event of an accident. This is the most important aspect of any car seat and if there is an impact, most insurance companies pay for the car seat or you can return it to Britax for a replacement. This is a bonus that not many companies offer.

Strap Adjustment for the Britax Roundabout 40

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The harness straps are comfortable and they offer a good secure fit for the baby. The buckle adjustment in the center front makes that it is easy to quickly loosen the harness and remove the baby or child when you are in more of a hurry. It also makes it easy to get a fussy baby into the seat without having to put the baby under too much distress. For those who are like me and go for a quick ride to put a fussy baby to sleep, this is a definite plus.

To accommodate your baby’s growth in height, you will need to re-thread the harness straps through new slots in order to keep up with your child’s shoulder height.

(The Britax Marathon 70 and Britax Boulevard 70 are slightly pricier seats that have a much simpler mechanism for adjusting the harness height which eliminates the need for re-threading when you adjust the harness height; their heights can be adjusted without even accessing the back of the car seat, making it unnecessary to uninstall the seat for height adjustments, which is necessary with this Roundabout seat. If you will be using the seat for just one child, you’ll probably only need to do this type of adjustment once in a while as she grows taller. On the other hand, if you plan to use this seat for multiple children of different heights, then you most likely want the convenience of the Marathon or Boulevard – otherwise you’ll need to keep uninstalling the seat to re-thread the harness on a regular basis.)

britax roundabout 40 car seat

britax roundabout 40 car seat review

Ease of Installation of the Britax Roundabout 40

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The parents who are not planning on switching the car seat out very frequently may want to use the easy latch lock system that mounts the car seat directly to the vehicle mounts that are made for car seats. It only takes a few minutes to install one as long as you read the instructions thoroughly first. Those who have already installed a car seat in this manner may find that it is easier than those who are doing it for the first time. Having said that, it is still pretty easy to install and the majority of people who have commented also mentioned this was a feature that sold them on this car seat. When it comes to safety, there is no lack either. Installing the seat directly into the car makes the car seat much safer for the baby or child because it does not move around or shift like some of the car seats that are installed with the seat belts instead. There is no point in purchasing a car seat that does everything you want and have it not be effective because of inferior installation.

The Comfort of the Britax Roundabout 40 Convertible Car Seat

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Even with all the safety features and ease of installation, a car seat is not worth all the money in the world if the baby or child does not find it comfortable. A fussy baby is not falling asleep by taking a ride in the car if the car seat hurts them. That is the final issue that was looked at when conducting my research and was a huge factor when I was making my final decisions on which car seats would get the best review. It has all the extra padding included along with the adjustable headrest that allows for the most comfort no matter the age of the child. It goes easily from the newborn to the baby that is growing and into the toddler stages by simply removing the extra padding. It also has an easy release that allows it to recline without waking the baby or child up. This smooth system is the final selling point on this car seat and offers the most comfort to the baby and eases the mind of the parent.

Where can I find the Best Price for the Roundabout 40?

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britax roundabout 40 car seat best priceAfter reading through the Britax website and following their links to all of the merchants who sell their car seats, I found that consistently offered the best price on these car seats. Amazon frequently offers free shipping, and they are often able to sell products at prices that are lower than the manufacturer’s recommendations!

Consumer Reviews of the Britax Roundabout 40

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There are generally two reasons why people leave reviews for products online; the first reason is because they want to promote a product and let people know how wonderful it is or they want to completely trash a product so that people know that they should not waste their money. The reviews for this car seat fall into the first category easily. Parents loved all the aspects of this car seat and there were those who were really pleased with the different patterns of covers that were offered for this model. It was also stated that the padding and covers were very easy to keep clean and removing them for occasional washing in the machine was very easy.

Testimonials regarding the Britax Roundabout:

“Even after just 2 1/2 months of use I can tell you that this is the best car seat we’ve ever owned. It is comfortable, durable, easy to use, attractive, and has a great safety record. It is a little pricier than the average seat, but we really feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth.”

“The seat is undeniably comfortable for our 8-month-old son. He went from near-constant screaming in his infant seat to blissful silence when we moved him into the Roundabout. The seat is well padded and has plenty of “booty room” (he’s 23 lbs so that is a concern for us). He also has ample room to grow. The recline feature and deep headrest area give him a very comfortable place to take a nap.”

britax roundabout 40 car seat safety ratings

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