Combi Coccoro Lightweight Convertible Car Seat Reviews

combi coccoro review

The Combi Coccoro is a beautiful car seat that is comfortable and extremely functional in its compact size.

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Safety and Installation

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The Coccoro offers some innovative safety features to ensure your little one is well protected. There are deep side wings that are lined with EPS foam just like the back of the seat which offers Side Impact Protection. The puzzle buckle has an indicator to help you rest assured the buckle is secured by changing from red to green.

combi coccoro carseat

If one is installing the car seat without LATCH, there is a separate lock off for rear facing installation with shoulder belts, and built in lockoffs for forward facing installations. If one prefers, there are belt guides that will assist in the European model of routing the shoulder belt in rear-facing installs. In this style of installation, you wrap the shoulder part of the seat belt around the back. Combi says this is safer because it helps provide a better ride-down in the event of an accident. This method of installation is optional; one can still use the traditional American way of guiding both parts of the seat belt through the belt path.

Combi color codes the belt paths for the installation so it’s easier to get it right. The red stickers are for FF belt guiding, while the blue is for rear facing installs. They also label instructions and diagrams with stickers to help you as you install the seat, whether with LATCH or not. The clip-style LATCH connectors can be used in any seat where the car is equipped with anchors for that seat (no LATCHing in the middle seat while borrowing anchors from either side). The tether, which stows away nicely for rear facing installs, can be used for forward facing seatbelt installations, and must be used if one is anchoring the Coccoro in with LATCH.

Video Overview

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the combi coccoro fabric

The woven fabric on this convertible is as soft as butter. That might be pushing it, but not by much. It’s so padded that any adult would want to just melt into it. It’s not a plush fabric, and likely won’t cause as much sweating as heavier materials. For infant use, there is a “Mommy’s Lap Insert” to keep the baby snug and cozy. It must be used until 15 lbs and is optional until 20 lbs for rear facing use. (No child should be forward facing before then, anyway.) The Coccoro provides a wide pad for the tummy by the crotch strap and two sleeves for the shoulder harnesses for the comfort of your child.

The colors offered are breathtaking. There are neutral colors and some gorgeous colors that just “pop” making this seat a real pleasure to look at. And the names they’re called? Delicious. Would you like licorice or carrot cake?


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3 car seats in a row

This is probably the most compact convertible out there on the market. It has no base, which allows a better fit even in compact cars. It’s a smidgen over 15 inches at its widest point, and its weight is noteworthy at only 11 lbs. At 21 inches at its highest point, it should not obstruct the view in most cars. It fits children from 5-33 lbs rear facing who have not reached 36″ (or more accurately, whose head is not within 1″ of the top of the shell). Forward facing use is designed for babies over 1 who are between 20 and 40 lbs.

Strap Adjustment

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There are harness slots at 9, 11, 13, and 15″ of the shell. While any of those can be used rear facing, only the upper two may be used in a forward facing position. This is not a continuous harness, but can easily be re-threaded from the back of the seat.

baby in combi coccoro convertible

The straps are nice and thick and are not inclined to twist.

Adjusting the harness is simple by using the lever in the front that is located in a flap on the cover. You just pull it back while pulling on the harness to release the adjuster. There is a snap on the adjuster strap so you can keep it from swinging around. Personally, I haven’t seen any advantage over this feature in my Combi, but I’m sure there must be a good reason for it! The straps adjust very smoothly and require no wrestling to get the straps to be as tight as you want.


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The cover is fairly easy to remove and can be machine washed on gentle cycle. That’s a huge plus when dealing with infants who spit up, drool, spill, vomit, leak, and who knows what else. It’s a mystery why so many car seats make cleaning the seat an all day affair.

The harness straps can easily be wiped down with baby wipes or a damp rag and some soap.

3 kids side by side in car seats

Best Price

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It’s not as budget friendly as most of the low cost seats available at discount merchandise stores, like Graco and Evenflo, but at under $200, it’s still cheaper than Britax and Diono seats. It fits a niche like no other car seat can, and the price is given accordingly.

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Pros and Cons

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Pros: The compact size of the Coccoro makes it a favorite among many parents. If you’re going to be moving this car seat between one vehicle and another regularly, this car seat is much easier to handle than others that are far bigger and bulkier. (Especially when I have to move a car seat from Mom’s car to Dad’s car in the pouring rain!

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Pros: The fabric of this Combi Coccoro is exceptional. It’s soft, comfortable, easy to maintain, breathable, and beautiful. Couldn’t ask for more. There are no prints, but the seats are not boring nonetheless.

Pros: FAA approved, so you can take this compact convertible seat along when flying.

Pros: This car seat expires after 7 years, unlike some others which only have a 6-year life span.

Pros: You can easily fit 3 children in car seats across the back seat of your vehicle with the Combi Coccoro. Not many other convertibles will fit 3-across, and if you do some carpooling, have a big family, or even sometimes drive your child’s playdates, then this factor is essential. Even if you have a minivan, it’s easier to deal with strapping kids into car seats in the middle row, and send the older children in regular seatbelts to sit in the last row.

Cons: Due to its compact size, this car seat may be outgrown by weight faster than other convertibles on the market. This generally applies to chunky kids, as most children end up outgrowing car seats by height (that’s seated shoulder height, not total height) far before they reach the weight limits. So, if your child is significantly overweight, this may not be the right choice for you.

Cons: The infant insert is awkward. It’s nice once it’s inserted, but it ties on which is not my first choice of inserting in padding, and it is hard to get a good fit on the chest clip with the harness sleeves on. For very small newborns, the crotch strap is also sometimes still too long, though the insert helps.

Customer Reviews

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“With a compact car, it was a struggle to get a convertible seat that would install nicely. As I don’t live in the US, my car is smaller than average. This seat suits my needs. It is well constructed and it fits beautifully installed rear facing.” — Emilio (read more here: Combi Coccoro reviews)

“Our car is a 2010 Ford Focus which is on the small side. The Coccoro fits well in any of the seats, and we managed a 3 across with 2 booster seats. It installed quicker and more securely than any other seat I tried. The color is great and I just love the infant insert! Everyone we recommended it too is also very happy. :) ” — Theresa

(read more here: Combi Coccoro car seat reviews)

“My Subaru is small, and my kid is too. The Coccoro was therefore easily justifiable to get as our convertible seat since it’s quite easy to install. He still has 3″ above his head at almost two, so for our needs, it will serve us well.” — Barbara
(read more here: Combi Coccoro Reviews)

Amazon Rating: 4.3 Stars, out of 137 reviews!


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  1. Rebecca says:

    I just bought two of these and a oli booster to go in the 3rd row of my odyssey. They are the only ones that work!

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