Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Choosing convertible car seats can be overwhelming, but these tips will ensure you make the best purchase and get the most value for your money.   Here are 5 things you should know before you buy your car seat:

Are you researching car seats for your child? I know firsthand how confusing this process can be! At one point during my research, I had dreams about 5-point harnesses, buckles, straps, and knobs! (No kidding!) Look no further: We have organized comprehensive reviews of the top convertible car seats and compiled comparison articles to help you make the best decision. Individual reviews and side-by-side comparisons can be found in the left sidebar of this page; please continue reading to understand 5 important factors to keep in mind while you shop for that perfect car seat!

5 Buying Tips:

  1. Who will be using this car seat? Will you use this seat exclusively for one child? Or, will this be used for car pools and play dates for a variety of children who are different heights? The reason why it is essential to understand who will be using this car seat before you buy it, is that not all convertible car seats are created equally! Some convertibles, such as the Britax Roundabout 55, need to be manually re-threaded to adjust the height of the shoulder straps. In that case, if the seat is forward facing, you will need to uninstall it in order to reach the back of the car seat and re-thread the straps each time you have a passenger in that seat who is a different height than the prior child who sat in that seat! For the sake of convenience — and your sanity — if you plan to use this car seat for multiple kids, look to buy one whose height can be adjusted without uninstalling it, such as the Britax Marathon 70, Britax Boulevard 70, or the Evenflo Triumph Advance. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself uninstalling and reinstalling it regularly to adjust the shoulder straps’ height while toddlers are waiting for you in a parking lot, possibly in very extreme outdoor temperature. If there’s one thing you definitely do not want to do, it’s uninstall and reinstall a car seat on a very hot or cold day… trust me on that one — it’s no fun!

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  3. Which vehicle will house this seat? It is important to know whether you plan to have your car seat installed in a specific car at all times, or if it will be regularly transferred between Mom’s minivan and Dad’s truck on a regular basis.If you plan to regularly move this convertible car seat between mom/dad/grandma’s cars, then you’ll want to be sure that the car seat of your choice is easy to install. On the other hand, if you know that you will keep the car seat in one specific car and not have a need to move it, then ease of installation may not be a big factor on your list (as presumably, you’ll install the car seat once and leave it) so keep this in mind as you make your decision.
  4. Do you take long road trips? When you look at the vast array of car seats on the market, understanding the differences between them can seem overwhelming at first glance. That’s why we have written many car-seat-comparison articles for your convenience — check them out in the left sidebar of this page. Some seats are under $100 (see our post on the top car seats under a hundred dollars), while others are priced at over $300. Comfort is one of those factors (just like when you buy a new couch!) that generally increases as you move up towards the more expensive car seats. The cheaper car seats have little padding between the seat area and the hard shell. If you will be spending a lot of time in the car with your child, or you take long road trips, you will want to invest in a somewhat pricier model that has generous padding.
  5. Safety Ratings: It is important to realize that all car seats on the market in the USA have met or exceeded the government’s safety standards. As such, there really is no way to definitively prove that one particular car seat is safer than another.That being said, there are some things that objectively make sense that they would increase the safety of a child buckled into a car seat or sitting next to that seat. For example, the Britax Boulevard has extended headwings that the Marathon does not have. You can read about that at Britax Boulevard vs. Marathon. Another example is that the Britax Advocate has additional cushioning that the Boulevard lacks, which you can read about here: Britax Boulevard vs. Advocate.
  6. Seated shoulder height of your child: Many new parents are excited to see that most convertible car seats will accommodate their kids until 55 or even 70 lbs, and later are disappointed to see that their child has outgrown the car seat by height far before reaching anywhere near the weight limit! Aside from in the case of extremely hefty kids, convertible car seats are commonly outgrown by height rather than by weight. This does not refer to general height, but seated shoulder height, which is how tall your child is while seating measuring until the top of his shoulders. Some kids have long torsos and will outgrow car seats faster than other kids of the same height who have long legs. It is important to read reviews of the car seat you intend to buy (see our helpful articles in the left sidebar!) so that you won’t be disappointed when your 53 lb. child gets too tall for a car seat advertised to fit him until 70 lbs!

And one more thing… ask for help! Convertible car seats are a confusing category of products, especially for new parents. Don’t be shy about leaving questions in the comment section of this site. We’ll do our best to help you — you’re never alone!

Are you wondering where you can get the best price for a car seat? We’ve done the comparison shopping for you… and after researching many online retailers and offline stores, the best price has consistently been at Amazon – especially when you consider that you won’t pay shipping for any product over $25. Click here to view the most popular convertible car seats at

Not sure where to start? Below is a list of some of our most popular articles.

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We know that this can be a seriously confusing product to research, all those buckles, knobs, straps, latching clips… oh, my! Fortunately, we have done the research for you by finding the most up-to-date information from car seat technicians and experienced parents who have actually used these car seats.

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Sales are subject to change daily!

Are you wondering how we compile our reviews? We get our information from several authoritative sources:

  • Car seat technicians’ reports based on actual handling of these convertible car seats.
  • Parents’ and caregivers’ reviews and experiences using these products.
  • Third party reviewers, such as Consumer Reports reviews.
  • Manufacturers of these car seats.

Few of the baby products you purchase will be nearly as confusing as car seats! There are so many different factors that you must take into consideration when you buy a car seat for your child: Child’s weight and height, the type of car you have, whether you want to use the seat forward-facing or rear-facing, how often you travel, and more! We’ve tried our best on this site to help you figure out which car seat would be the best for your circumstances. Take a look at our individual car seat reviews and side-by-side car seat comparisons in the left sidebar of this page so that you can get a clearer idea of which car seat would be best suited for your precious cargo!

This video will show you why finding a car seat with a high rear-facing weight limit (30 lbs. or more) is important, as riding rear-facing has been shown to be safer for young children than forward-facing:

To see our comparison chart featuring virtually ALL convertible car seats on the market, check out this chart..


32 Responses to “Convertible Car Seat Reviews”
  1. Jana says:

    I just have to start out by saying, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I cannot say it enough. I was so excited when we went to the dr last week for my son’s dr appt and found that he’s very close to needing a convertible car seat and I can stop using his baby carrier. After going to a local store to look at them, I was so overwhelmed and anxious about purchasing one, I dreaded it. I am now confident that I can clearly purchase one that will meet our needs financially and of course most importantly, safely. I’m so grateful and blessed by your time and effort to compile the facts for people like me!

    Thankful and Relieved,

    • Jana,

      Congrats on your son’s growth! And thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes I see car seat buckles and straps in my dreams, but it’s all a labor of love:)

  2. Aimee says:

    Wow. All I can say is thank you. I have been trying to decide on a convertible car seat for weeks for our 10 month old son. The choices are overwhelming and there are so many different price points and reviews. YOu have clearly compiled the information I need in a concise, easy to read manner that has significantly reduced my stress levels on this topic. While I am still not settled on a model- you have made the process much easier. For that, I cannot thank you enough. Phew.

    Sincerely, A Distraught Carseat-Shopping New(er) Mom!

  3. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the good information! Can you start with a convertible car seat from day one? Are there any pros to buying an infant car seat first?

    • Ellen says:

      Not all convertible carseats will fit an infant well. The smaller the baby, the harder it will be to get a good fit (and this is true to a lesser extent in the infant only seats as well). The True Fit is a good choice if you don’t get an infant seat first, as it comes with great padding to help the baby fit more snuggly. You need to make sure the infant’s shoulders are not below the lowest harness slots; they need to be even or higher than those slots when sitting rear-facing. An infant carseat is less likely to have such problems and you won’t have to scramble around right after having a baby to find a carseat that fits properly if you had originally chosen a convertible seat.
      You may also find that the head is not supported so well. For this I’d suggest rolling up one or two receiving blankets and forming an upside down U (with one) or propping one on either side of baby’s head.
      Infant carseats not only are more likely to fit the baby better, but many like the convenience of removing the baby with the carrier for various reasons (when shopping to put in the cart, if it’s harsh weather outside and baby can remain covered in the carrier, if baby is sleeping and you don’t want to wake him). Infant carseats are also more practical if they’ll be removed often; if you take taxis or go in other people’s cars, you can leave the base installed in your car and just strap in the carrier part in the temporary vehicle without having to constantly install and uninstall. They’re also less bulky and less heavy, and therefore easier to lug around than a bulky convertible.
      If it’s a hardship to buy 2 carseats, the right convertible can work as well, but chances are, most people will find it to be a better solution to get an infant seat to begin with.

  4. Alicia says:


    Thank you so much for providing an easy to use resource for parents. We are very much a “pay the top dollar” kind of family when it comes to safety & when it makes sense. The longevity of use and expiration dates on car seats makes it seem unreasonable to expect a car seat other than an infant carrier to be usable by multiple children, that being said we want the best car seat for the child we have now. We have already experienced the height to weight issue and she is only 10 months old. We NEVER expected to carry her in the infant carrier to 30 lbs, but 30 inches is quick approaching if not here since our last Dr. appointment. Height will always be our issue where car seats are concerned & I want her to have the most comfortable ride possible. We have read every article we can find & feel like the Britax Advocate 70 CS is the right option for us, but I am concerned with the seat to shoulder measurement & I cannot really find reviews from parents of older children using the seat. I also have found the “same model” for as much as $100 less which seems a bit odd; any tips to making sure we are getting the most recent model?

    Thank you in advance for your time!


    • Ellen says:

      Hi Alicia!
      I’m not completely clear on what your question is. Are you asking what the seated shoulder height of the Advocate is? The top shoulder harness slot is around 17.5″ which needs to be below the child’s shoulders when rear-facing (should not be a problem), even or higher than the shoulders when forward facing…until your child reaches around 17″ from bottom till shoulders, the seat should fit height wise. Are you unsure of when your child will reach this seated shoulder height? That really is so variable on torso length compared to overall height. Does she have an especially long torso, or she’s plain overall tall?

      The difference in price can be due to different padding/prints or due to being the “same model” but from last year. Meaning it’s not the Advocate 65 — indeed it is the 70 — but manufactured earlier than the newest ones on the market. The features are the same; just one will expire a year earlier. $100 is a big difference and surprises me unless it’s a very short sale. I would call up the store (brick and mortar or online) and ask them to read you the date of manufacture from the box. Truth is, for that price, I’d be fine with getting one less year out of it. The expiration on this is 7 years after manufacture. So if you are getting a year old carseat, your daughter will be in it until around 7. The newest boxes will last her until 8. How long are you planning on keeping her harnessed? This is an individual decision that will help you choose whether to go with the sale or skip it.

  5. Cucú says:

    My daughter is 18 months, 31inches, and I am looking for a convertible car seat, I am thinking in Marathon 70 or Boulevard 70 .. I live in a very warm city, so I really need a breathable fabric (cotton blend or something like it), also it is important to me to have a very comfy seat as my Daughter dont like to spend a lot of time in the car and I really spend a lot time in long road trips and also short rides during the day… I have a Mazda 3 model 2007, so the latch system is not a problem… Any suggestions? Do you know wich Britax or other brands models has a breathable fabric? Also wich one will be more comfy for my baby? thanksss!!!

    she is my first baby and I have been looking for days and weeks, thru Internet, in order to find my best choice!.. I want the best for her! comfortable, breathable fabric, secure… as much as I can get!

    • Ellen says:


      There are 2 factors that can help your child be more comfortable. The first is to look for a seat that doesn’t enclose your baby as much, and the second is to look for a not-so-plush fabric, but more of a mesh type.

      Many of the Radians on the market would be a good bet since they are not as deep on the sides, and have not as heavy fabric. These seats are great in terms of lasting forever with their excellent height and weight limits, and if you can get one installed well in your car, they are some of the safest seats out there with the rear-tethering option.

      Some of the Britax seats have more breathable fabric, or you can buy it separately. The Marathon 70 in Onyx seems to be a good choice in the Britax line and has excellent reviews. You can read our review here:

  6. Cucú says:

    Thank you so much!!! You give me another point of view and a better idea about what is important to know!…
    I have been looking at the radians car seat thru the web, but there are some other factors that I am looking for and I think the radians do not have and are a kind of important to me:

    -I would like to find a car seat with some recline positions in rear and forward face position
    -I would like fresh colors instead of the black, as the city is warm and the black does not feel good when you are above to seat in the car… even for me! I bought a white car with interior in beige fabrics as I don’t like the black color or dark colors… same for the car seat
    -I am interested in get a very secure and reliable car seat but also need to be very comfortable for my baby: recline positions, cup holder (could be optional), fresh colors, breathable fabrics or cotton, if possible, versa tether system too, latch, well padded, buckle and shoulders positions for custom fit, easy remove cover seat

    As much as I read thru Internet, it seems all these amenities are included in the Britax car seats, most in the Boulevard but my only concern now is about the fabrics used in the new Boulevard and Boulevard CS models.. Have they breathable fabrics?
    Thanks for any help!

    • Ellen says:

      I thought I had responded yesterday to this, but I guess it didn’t go through!

      In the Boulevard line, there are plush fabrics like the Cowmooflage print which may help at wicking away moisture/sweat due to its microfiber fabric, but I would still be hesitant to go with that. The Sophia print, if it’s not too girly for you, seems to be a good compromise as it’s soft, but with a sateen-like, smooth feel to it. I notice sateen materials are usually cooler to the touch, and the color is also not too dark.

  7. Cucú says:

    Another question…. I have been seen the New Peg Perego Primo Viagio SIP Convertible Car Seat, I like the beige one and it seems to be a pretty good option too.. Do you have any reviews from the New Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible? It supposed to be for sale in the USA in these days, as is the newest model, but I would like to know your comments regarding the brand and the models you know, as I think this model could be a pretty good choice too, so my decision could be between the Britax (Marathon or Boulevard o Boulevard CS) Vs New Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP Convertible…

    I will be glad to ear your comments.. tks!

    • Ellen says:

      I have not yet seen the convertible seat to review it, though it’s on my list of carseats to check out! It seems like a good seat based on the information released, but without trying it out in person, it’s not fair to give an opinion. I do see that the seats are being released on a first come, first serve basis to retailers, which means some may not be able to sell the beige until March. Others are claiming they should be able to get one shipped out by the end of the month. Waiting a couple of weeks is not a big deal, if they can indeed ship it, but I think your daughter is too big to wait a few months!

      I also don’t have the ability to comment on the fabric options yet on this seat. I really hope to see one myself soon!

  8. Cucú says:

    Thank you soooooo muchhhh!!!

    Your help and comments will be very usufull for me! thks again!

  9. Karyn says:

    My daughter is one year old, weighs 24.5# and is 31 1/2″. (I haven’t measured her bottom to shoulder). We plan on keeping her rear-facing for as long as possible. We have a Maxima and a Chevy Blazer (which will most likely be replaced with in the next year, hopefully with a mini van).

    Any recommendations? We currently have a Britax (not sure which one) and another brand (drawing a blank and it’s in hubby’s car at work).

    We are finding it difficult to find a seat tall enough for the long haul.

    Thank you!

    • Ellen says:

      This is a tough question to answer without knowing torso length or your budget. Did you look at any of the reviews on here? We try to give the dimensions as we have found them so you can get a good idea of which ones will last the longest.

  10. Cindy says:

    I’m starting to think about a new seat for my 7 month old (~23/24 lbs…he’s consistently 95 percentile weight & height). I’ll be installing the seat in a 2011 Odyssey, and I want to keep the baby in the middle of the 2nd row. My 6 yo (who is riding, happily, in a Graco Nautilus, which has been a great transition seat) likes to sit in the 3rd row, and I like for her to be able to exit the van on either side (which makes it easier for school drop-off). Therefore, I’m going to need something narrow to go in that middle seat so that both outboard seats can be slid forward for access to the 3rd row. My van’s 2 outboard seats will slide out to give me more room for car seat installation. His infant seat currently installed in that spot is a Snugride 32, and that works fine for accessing the 3rd row (and measures just shy of 19″ wide). Do you have any recommendations for a more narrow seat? I’ve read that a Radian is my best bet, but I wonder if that seat just won’t be too tall/big. I’m thinking/wondering about a Roundabout 55 for his rear-facing years, and once he’s ready to forward face, finding something else with side impact wings. I understand a MyRide 65 is out because that will just be too wide to fit in the middle. We also take long car trips (12 hrs & 16 hrs) to visit family, so comfort is high up on the list. Thanks!!

    • Ellen says:


      What are your concerns with the Radian? That it’s too tall for your car or for your child? It shouldn’t be overwhelming for a baby your son’s size, if that’s your question.
      I’m not convinced it’s worth it to buy a Roundabout and then ALSO a top quality FF seat; I think you can get a very good seat now that will work for RF and FF. The Radian is a great choice. Not only is it skinny at its base (which many car seats give as their width) — this is 13.5″, but it’s skinny all the way up, and its widest point is around 17″!! That’s even narrower than what you have now.

  11. Jill says:

    Wondering what the difference between an Evenflo Symphony 65 “LX” and “DLX” are? Also if they are safe, saw somewhere that there is now eps foam behind the head until the child is tall enough to have the headrest behind their head. Also wondering if anyone has been in an actually crash with one of these seats and has a review? I saw several other car seats that had reviews where someone had actually experienced the safety first hand in a car crash.

    Any help is appreciated.

  12. Britni says:

    I am looking for a convertible car seat for my 8 month old son. He is consistently in the 90% in height and around 50% in weight so I am looking for a car seat that will accommodate taller babies. He is currently 28 inches. He also sweats really bad in his infant carrier now (Chicco Keyfit 30) and I live in Texas so I want to make sure the fabric is breathable but also comfortable. Any suggestions?

    • Ellen says:

      What is your budget? The Radians have the highest limits of any seats on the market, but they are more expensive than many other options. How long do you plan on keeping him rear-facing? Is his torso proportional to the rest of his body or is it longer than the legs, or shorter? This can all make a difference. Some of the Britax Marathon covers have excellent feedback for hot climates, even some of the plusher fabrics like Cowmooflage, which one would think would be sweaty, but it can wick away moisture.

      I hope that helps!

  13. Alison says:

    I just found your website and I just want to thank you for all of your hard work and research. I always spend hours comparing and researching any high cost or important item for my baby. I really appreciate all of the reviews and comparisons…makes things so much easier and faster. I would like your advice/opinion on which car seat I should get for my baby. He’s 9 months old, 30 inches and about 18.5 lbs. He’s tall and skinny. I’m looking for something that is comfortable, since I will be going on long road trips and traveling a lot. Also, I want to make sure the seat will have straps that will adjust for his height since it’s looking like he’ll be a tall skinny boy. Also, I live in Texas where it’s super HOT and right now he sweats in his Chicco Keyfit 30 infant seat.A car seat with breathable material is preferred. I see this as an investment so I’m very flexible on the price. This is my first child so I’ve never had to buy a carseat before. I asked his pediatrician which car seat he has for his children and he said he has a Britax (not sure which one). After browsing your website and others I do see the Britax is very popular but I’m open to other brands. Any suggestions? Thank you so much for your help!!!

    • Alison says:

      Just to add to the above…I went to baby’s r us and the sales associate said the Britax Boulevard 70 are being discontinued and replaced with the Britax Boulevard 70 G3. Do you know anything about this one?

      • Ellen says:

        Yes, if you look at our post you will see the changes made, and you can decide if you think the older ones are worth it or not to buy (they’re likely to be marked down since they’re no longer the most current)….

        As I wrote above, there are 2 factors that can help your child be more comfortable. The first is to look for a seat that doesn’t enclose your baby as much, and the second is to look for a not-so-plush fabric, but more of a mesh type.

        Many of the Radians on the market would be a good bet since they are not as deep on the sides, and have not as heavy fabric. These seats are great in terms of lasting forever with their excellent height and weight limits, and if you can get one installed well in your car, they are some of the safest seats out there with the rear-tethering option.

        Some of the Britax seats have more breathable fabric, or you can buy a new cover separately. The Marathon 70 in Onyx seems to be a good choice in the Britax line and has excellent reviews. You can read our review here: but I am unsure about the new G3 seats and which covers they come with.

        For a tall child, I’d prefer the Radian over the Britax since it is likely to last longer height wise. And of the fabric choices I see on currently, I think the Shadow cover is the most breathable.

  14. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I’m hoping you write once more very soon!

  15. Jen says:

    Hi, I’ve got a quick question for you. I already have a 4 1/2 yr old in a graco nautilus and am looking for car seats for my 16 month old twins (they are both on the small side, about 23 lbs and 13 inches waist to shoulders). I have been fairly happy w/ the Nautilus but I don’t know if that is still the best option out there. I like that I won’t have to buy another one for him but they are quite big and bulky even in a mini van. The budget is around 180 max per seat since I have to get 2 :). I asked at Babies-r-us but they tried to tell me the $300 dollar seats were “best” but I can’t really afford that and I don’t know if I believe him either. I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

    • Ellen says:

      There is no reason you need to spend $300 on a great car seat, and there is no one “best”! Everyone has different needs, and yours will be that the seats be easy to install, fit your babies well, last a while, and fit in your car….within your budget.
      Firstly, the Nautilus is only forward facing. You should not be flipping your 16 month olds from rear facing yet. The current recommendation from the AAP is to sit them rear facing for at least 2 years, and longer if they fit.
      I would suggest looking at The First Years True Fit or the Safety 1st Complete Air for top quality seats within your budget that will last for a long, long time. While they don’t switch to being boosters, most carseats that do don’t work well as boosters, and you’ll still end up ahead if you buy a TrueFit for about $150 and a booster at around $40 later on than spending $300 now 😉

  16. Brandi says:

    Hello! Thanks for the hard work! Can you tell me if there is a convertible car seat that will also double as a quality booster seat later on? And, as I am considering the Sunshine Radian, are there major differences between the 65, 80, and XTSL (I’m getting these model numbers from an older Baby Bargins book so I’m not sure if they are still relevant. Are there different Radian models to look at? Are they all the same, besides the weight differences that the numbers indicate?)

    Again, thank you for your response in advance.

    • Ellen says:

      Boosters fit different kids differently, so it’s hard to know how it will fit your child when (s)he is ready to stop being harnessed. The Nautilus works, but it’s hard to put back as a full seat if you change it to backless, so I would recommend leaving it high back and just getting a separate backless if necessary. That along with Evenflo Maestro, Britax Frontier 85, and Recaro ProSport are my favorite combination seats to work well both harnessed and as a booster.

      Sunshine is now Diono and has been for around a year IIRC, so the book is a bit outdated!

      The current models are the R100 which RFs to 40, FFs to 60, boosters to 100. Not a smooth harness adjuster.
      The R120 RFs to 45, FFs to 80, boosters to 120.
      The RXT RFs to 45 with headwings (the R120 doesn’t have these) and other limits are the same as the R120.
      They might work well as boosters, I just haven’t seen for myself how kids fit in them with a shoulder belt (since the harness limit is so large!)

      Hope that helps!

  17. Michal says:

    Hi. My son is 12 mos and 32 in. Time for a convertible. Help!!!!

    Here are the issues: old and small car, so I need one that works with seat belts and isn’t bulky. We have two cars and grandparents cars, (and I have a bad back) so it needs to be easy to move and install. We can’t afford more than one- $150 range. We live near the ocean, so it needs to be machine washable.

    Does this even exist? Too tall an order? My parents did say they could split the cost, if necessary…so price is somewhat flexible if all the other characteristics are there.

    Thanks so much,


    • Ellen says:

      Is anyone else going to be sitting in the back? If not, I’d go for the First Years True Fit, which looks bulky, but takes up standard width of convertible seats….it has built-in lockoffs, which is a real help when installing without LATCH, especially if you will be doing it frequently. I have found the cover easy to remove, I machine wash on delicate, and hang to dry. It’s within your budget, and has a great lifespan.
      I’m just not sure if “standard” width will still be too big for you.

      Let me know if there is more I can help you with!

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