Dollhouse Dolls

One you have chosen the best dollhouse, the fun begins — it’s time to populate it with the best set of dolls who will be living in this dollhouse!

kidkraft dollhouse dolls

Kidkraft Dollhouse Dolls:


Kidkraft has 2 sets of doll families for you to choose from: Each family of seven includes a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister, and baby. One family is Caucasian, and the other one is African American.

  • This is a great value, as most other sets of dolls in this price range come with 4 dolls, and this set comes with seven dolls!
  • These dolls really stand (unlike Barbie dolls) and are posable in a variety of positions.
  • Friendly expressions, these dolls are wholesome and not too trendy or anatomically developed.
  • Well-built and durable for years of play.

Plan Toys Dollhouse Dolls:


kidkraft dollhouse dolls

Plan Toys also makes several sets of dollhouse dolls.

  • They are made of replenishable rubber tree wood, cloth, and braided chord for maximum environmental friendliness. They are colored with non-toxic vegetable-based die.
  • They are posable and can sit, stand, and lay in a variety of positions.
  • Their clothing is not meant to be changed.
  • Some customers said that mom’s skirt kept slipping off; a little hot glue fixed that issue.

You can choose from: The Plan Toys Dollhouse Family, the Modern Family, the Asian Family, the Ethnic Family, and a set of Grandparents dolls! These dolls will withstand years of use, even being dropped down the stairs and thrown around, unlike plastic dolls which break easily!

loving family dollhouse dolls

The Fisher Price Loving Family Dolls:


Other popular choices for dollhouse dolls include the Fisher Price Loving Family Dolls. These are sometimes out of stock, so if you like them and they’re available, grab them while you can! You can check if Amazon has them in stock right here.

The Melissa and Doug Dollhouse Dolls:


The Many parents left great reviews of the Melissa and Doug dollhouse dolls. This set comes with seven different dolls. You’ll get a mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister, brother, as well as a cute little baby doll! These are made of wood and can be posed in a variety of ways. This adorable set of dolls is often on sale – you can check out the current low price on Amazon here.

Melissa and Doug dollhouse dolls

If you have a Kidkraft dollhouse, you will notice that it is built to accommodate fashion dolls up to twelve inches tall. So you can choose from many different brands of dolls, as you can see!

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