Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat Reviews

evenflo triumph advance lx convertible car seat reviews

The Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat – a Comprehensive Review:

Don’t worry! You don’t need to spend hundreds of hours reading thousands of consumer reviews — I’ve compiled all the useful information you need below – the Pros and the Cons of this car seat:

Table of Contents for the Evenflo Triumph Advance: (Jump ahead!)

- Safety

- Best Price

- Comfort

- Ease of Strap Adjustments

- Ease of Installation
- Customer Reviews
- Pros and Cons
- Color options
- Plus detailed Photos!

Today’s car seats offer so many features that the choices can be overwhelming! During my research, I actually found contradictory information about this car seat from different websites! So, I decided to create a spreadsheet to track all of the facts and reviews and narrow down my choices to the best car seat! The Evenflo Triumph Advance was one of the winners of my research findings, and I’ll outline everything you need to know (the pros and the cons!) one this page:

Safety of the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX:

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Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Reviews

Safety is the number one concern when buying a convertible car seat, so one of the first things I did was head over to ConsumerReports.org to review their safety ratings. You can only get into the site if you subscribe to the website, so I took out my wallet in order to get the most updated information about convertible car seat safety. I was glad to see that the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat got the highest ratings across the board by Consumer Reports’ advisory board, making it a Consumer Reports best buy. (Although their system of full and half shaded circles – rather than numbers – makes it impossible to determine precisely how the car seats tested for safety in their crash tests.)

safety of evenflo triumph car seat

The seat is made with EPP foam, the highest rated material in the auto industry, which is durable, rigid, yet capable of absorbing tremendous impact. (It feels like an extremely hard piece of foam – see picture on the right.)

Another important safety feature is the ease of the adjustments of the straps. If a car seat’s adjustments are too time-consuming or complicated, then my son’s father or grandmother is less likely to bother ensuring a tight fit, especially on a hot or cold day, or when in a rush, they probably won’t bother to re-thread the harness to make sure that the straps are properly adjusted. And sometimes we take our son out with a coat in the morning, and in the afternoon the weather has warmed considerably, and he no longer needs the coat, which means that the straps must be tightened from their morning setting.

Best Price of The Evenflo Triumph Advance

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evenflo car seat best price

After searching numerous websites and local stores, the best price by far was located on Amazon.com. It was amazing to see a $25 – $60 price discrepancy between different stores and websites — for exactly the same product and model number! Be aware that this popular car seat sometimes sells out, so if you see it available on Amazon, buy it! Every dollar saved is a dollar you can deposit into your child’s college fund!

(Not to mention the money we save when I DON’T enter the local stores, because I am not tempted to make lots of impulse buys that just end up cluttering up our home!)

I’ll come back and update this page if I notice any sales or cheaper places to buy this model.

Comfort of the Evenflo Triumph Car Seat:

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evenflo triumph advance comfort

If baby isn’t happy in his car seat, you can be sure that Mom and Dad aren’t too thrilled either! The Evenflo Triumph offers thick padding, a roomy seat, and is like a little recliner for your baby or toddler. Many parents who made the switch from rear-facing infant seats to the Evenflo Triumph reported that their kids finally stopped screaming each time they were buckled into their seats!

Additionally, since the seat is large and high, your baby will be able to easily see out the window and not feel claustrophobic as can be the case in smaller seats where the baby can’t see the passing scenery. This has definitely made many car trips happier traveling experiences!

evenflo triumph recline button

As you can see here, the reclining mechanism allows you to easily move the seat from a sitting to a leaning position by just pulling on the red lever and tilting the seat backward or forward with your other hand. This makes the transition from upright seating to reclining and resting simple and quick.

Although there are three reclining positions, do read your manual and note the rules that are applicable to the reclining positions. Unfortunately, some parents skip that part of the instructions and think that any setting can be used at any time. (Each car seat model has its own sets of rules.) These are the rules for the Evenflo Triumph Advance:

  • When installed rear-facing (5-35 lbs) you MUST use the fully reclined (#1) position
  • When installed forward-facing for a child weighing between 20-50 lbs you may use either the semi-reclined (#2) position OR the fully upright (#3) position

Ease of Adjustments of straps of the Evenflo Triumph Convertible Car Seat:

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evenflo car seat straps

The Evenflo Triumph features an InfiniteSlide system which allows you to change the harness height by simply sliding the red tabs up and down. This system also does not require re-threading, saving you time and decreasing the chance of improper positioning. Unfortunately, the complexity of some cheaper car seats means that parents and caregivers don’t always take the time to adjust the straps to a safe fit. Babies wear thin clothing on warm days and bulky clothing on cooler days, necessitating constant adjusting to ensure optimum safety.

Note: While some other manufacturers offer seats whose harness height adjustment does not require re-threading, most other seats necessitate accessing the back of the car seat to adjust the height – which means that you’d have to uninstall the entire seat and reinstall it each time you want to make a height adjustment. The Evenflo Triumph Advance allows you to simply move the harness height and click it into the exact position of your choice without requiring access to the back of the seat!

evenflo triumph tightening knob is easy to use

Additionally, the 5-point harness easily tightens with a quick turn on the TensionRight knobs on each side of the seat. (See the photo of my hand around the tension knob on the right.) To me, the ease of the adjustments means that my son’s caregivers will actually adjust the straps as appropriate for his size and the bulk of his clothing on a regular basis. I know that other car seats can be adjusted properly – but they can take too much time and effort for me to be confident that other caregivers will actually ascertain the proper fit and make the necessary adjustments with each car trip. With the Evenflo Triumph, adjustments are a snap, and even my mother-in-law with arthritis can easily adjust the straps around the baby and thus ensure a safe car ride.

evenflo car seat straps

The red tabs show you exactly where to place the straps so there is no confusion about how to place the straps on your baby’s shoulders, and you can rest assured that your precious cargo is properly secure in her safety seat during your travels.

Ease of Installation of the Evenflo Triumph Advance LX:

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how to install the evenflo triumph advance car seat

Statistics from policemen and firefighters show that unfortunately, many people do not install their car seats correctly. If it is difficult to properly secure a car seat, then it is likely to be installed improperly when moving it to another vehicle.

If you regularly use two vehicles for your baby, it’s a good investment to purchase an additional car seat for each additional vehicle to avoid the cumbersome task of reinstalling the seat on a regular basis. This way you can have your car seat inspected for free by the local fire or police station and rest assured that your baby will be traveling safely on a regular basis. The Evenflo Triumph comes with Latch connectors, which make securing it to any newer-model car pretty easy. Securing this car seat in an older car will more time, so if you are not using the Latch connectors, this is not a seat that you want to be regularly transferring between vehicles, although once it is secured, the adherence to the vehicle is rock solid.

Customer Reviews: Real parents talk about their Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat:

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Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat

Real testimonial: “Recently I was in a serious car accident where my vehicle hit a utility pole and flipped over twice. The car seat did not move and my child was not injured at all. Not a scrape or bruise on him. I bought the same car seat again.”

How does the seat cover wash?

Babies poop and throw up while traveling and the majority of parents reported that the seat cover washed well. Note that a few parents said that the padding moved around during washing – they probably did not use the recommended gentle cycle on the washing machine. Many mothers reported multiple washings over several years and said that the seat cover still looked as good as new. The harness straps should be spot-cleaned and not immersed in any liquid.

Be aware that the Evenflo Triumph is a large car seat, which is part of what makes it so safe and comfortable for your baby. However, a few owners of compact cars reported that they had a hard time seeing the rear-view mirror with this car seat installed behind the passenger seat; if you are on the short side, test the car seat in your vehicle before you make this purchase, or plan not to place the Triumph Advance directly behind the driver’s seat. If you have two of these in your back seat, you will only fit a very skinny additional passenger in that row.

Pros and Cons of the Evenflo Triumph Advance convertible car seat:

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Pros of the Evenflo Triumph Advance:

  • The Evenflo Triumph Advance is about half the price of the similarly rated Britax Boulevard car seat. Take the extra money that you save and put it into your baby’s college fund!
  • This seat has one of the simplest mechanisms for adjusting the harness height and the harness tension from all the convertible car seats on the market. No need to access the rear of the seat and no need for re-threading.
  • The InfiniteSlide harness height adjustment ensures a perfectly correct shoulder harness height at all times; there is no need to guess which slot is closer to your child’s shoulder as you must do with other car seats that have several slot options.

Cons of the Evenflo Triumph Advance:

  • Some users reported irritation from the tabs on the shoulder straps. The red tabs at the top of the straps give you a clean indication of where the shoulders should be. If your baby is getting red marks on his neck, then the straps are too tall and must be lowered a notch. You can also buy quilted strap covers for just a few dollars.
  • The Evenflo Triumph Advance is not the simplest car seat to install, especially in the rear-facing position. If you will be transferring this seat between cars regularly, you’ll want to have an additional one for each vehicle. One installed properly, it is fine.
cup holder of evenflo triumph car seat
  • Although it isn’t a deal breaker for a car seat, many parents were disappointed in the flimsiness of the cup holder. (See my photo on the right.)
  • In the rear-facing position, in some cars (it seems that this was mostly an issue in cars with very countered seat backs), the tension knobs got wedged into the upholstery of the car, making them difficult to reach. This was never an issue in the forward-facing position.
  • The only other negative report from parents was that the straps can get twisted, which is annoying, but a very quick fix. The Britax marathon 70 has thicker straps and a Velcro system which eliminates the strap twisting.
  • Due to its popularity, this item is frequently out of stock — check current availability of the Evenflo Triumph Advance on Amazon.com.

Evenflo Triumph Advance Color Options

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There are two color options for the Evenflo Triumph Advance available on Amazon.com. (There are about 3 other color options available only from Sears or Babies R Us at substantially higher prices.)

You can see the Evenflo Triumph Advance below in the cool tan stripe of Median on the left, and the sleek gray and navy solid colors of Harbortown on the right.

Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Harbortown

Conclusion: The Evenflo Triumph Advance LX is a clear WINNER in my book. While not 100% perfect, the seat is safe, simple to use, and costs about half the price of similarly rated Britax car seats.

evenflo triumph advance lx convertible car seat reviews and comparisons
Evenflo Car Seat Reviews


34 Responses to “Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat Reviews”
  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, thank you for your informative article; I really appreciate how you included everything I need to know in one page. I am debating between this Triumph Advance and the Evenflo Symphony 65, do you have a recommendation for me?

    Lisa, mom of Jamie – 8 months

  2. Hi Lisa,

    I wrote up a side-by-side comparison article for you here: http://www.raisingsmallsouls.com/evenflo-triumph-advance-vs-evenflo-symphony-65/

    Both seats are good choices; let me know if I can help you further!

  3. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much! You helped ease our mind with this huge decision. Not to mention saving a little money!

  4. christi says:

    I have a Chevy Equinox will this carseat fit in the middle and still have room for people to sit on either side?

    • Yes, you will have room for people- but think small people! Children and young teens will fit on the sides. Hefty kids and adults will feel cramped on the sides of this car seat.

  5. Andrea says:

    On the side of the car seat there is a warning to put child front facing at 20 pounds, but the car seat says it goes rear facing for longer. My child is 9 months and over 20 pounds so I was wondering when I should put her front facing. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Andrea,

      This can be confusing, so allow me to clarify:

      Until your child is one year old, she must ride rear facing.

      Until your child is 20 lbs, she must ride rear facing.

      After your child is BOTH over one year old and over twenty pounds, you MAY turn her around to ride forward-facing. HOWEVER, numerous studies have shown that riding rear-facing is MUCH SAFER. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended keeping children rear-facing until the age of two. Some people keep their children ERF (extended rear facing) until the age of 3 or 4. That is why you’ll see that car seat manufacturers are raising the weight limits on new seats for rear facing kids; most new car seats can accommodate children rear facing until 35 lbs. or more. Check the labels, as seat models vary!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Hi there!

    Thanks for this very helpful article!

    I was debating between the Britax Marathon and the Triumph Advance. I went with the Triumph since it was highly recommended by Consumer Reports. I had credit at BRU and just ordered the Triumph LX. Right after ordering I noticed that it did not say “Advance.” The LX goes up to 65 lbs while the Advance listed on CR goes to 50 which leads me to believe it is a newer version, but I’m not certain. (Here’s the link to the one I purchased at BRU. This is the only one they carry – http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4133855&searchURL=false).

    Do you know the difference between the two models and if the LX would still fall under the CR recommendation?


    • Ellen says:

      The LX is a wonderful choice. Indeed, it has a higher weight limit than its predecessors, and as such is an even better car seat now that it’s available on the market. It has great features for a great price.

  7. Pam says:

    Thank you for this information. I have a question concerning the installation of this seat in a rear-facing position: if I follow the instructions provided with the seat, the top back of the triumph seat is not tethered to anything in the vehicle and would flip up in a crash scenario where I was rear-ended. Is this not a problem? We considered attempting to wedge the top/ back of the triumph car seat beneath the passenger’s side headrest, but then were concerned that this ‘rigging’ would actually be less safe than if the car seat and baby were flung against the rear vehicle seat in a rear/end collision. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

    • Ellen says:

      Most of the convertible seats on the market today in America don’t have tethers for rear facing. Britax car seats and the Sunshine Radian are notable exceptions.
      Whether one is safer rear-facing in a tethered car seat is still up for debate. It’s unclear how it affects forces in the baby’s neck during initial rebound in a collision, and whether it’s a good or bad thing overall. It certainly hasn’t been proven to be a necessity, but it still gives more comfort to some parents. If you feel more comfortable with a tethered car seat, look at your Britax options as well as the Sunshine Radians.
      Note that wedging/bracing the Triumph against the front seat is not considered safe (there are seats that allow it like the Sunshine Radian), but it CAN touch (it needs to move freely, but does not need an inch and a half of clearance like infant seat). This still wouldn’t be as secure as tethering, of course, but it is an option if it helps you feel like your child is more secure.

  8. Melissa says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I jumped the gun and went out and bought this care seat because I had read about it previously and liked it. But I got home and started to worry did I make the right choice. This is my baby I’m putting in it. Thanks to your article I feel confident again and am ready to try and install it (I have an older car so no LATCH system). Again thank you very much.

  9. Kim says:

    Hi, there,

    Do you have any suggestions on the Evenflo Triumph Advance vs. the Evenflo Triumph 65?



    • The main difference is that the Triumph 65 has been built with a 65lb weight limit, while the Triumph Advance is rated for kids until 50 lbs. That may sound like a big difference, but keep in mind that manufacturers constantly try to extend the weight they can fit into their car seats so they can write on the box “will last until your child weighs 1,000 lbs!!!” (Just kidding there, obviously!) Practically, most kids will outgrow both of these car seats by height by or around 50 lbs, so the additional 15 lbs is really not going to get you any further.

      Does that make sense?

  10. Elizabeth says:

    What is the maximum rear facing and forward facing height? I can’t find this information. I checked Evenflo’s site and they do not mention it there either.

    • The car seat companies cannot give you an exact height, because it’s based on seated-shoulder-height, rather than actual height. What this means is that the height of your seated child until her shoulders. Some kids have a long torso and short legs; they would outgrow car seats by height faster than their friends of the same height who have long legs and short torsos.

      Let me know if this helps you out:)

      • Lindy says:

        Can you clarify this? What would be the max seated shoulder height then? My daughter is a little peanut for weight (just now 25 lbs at 2) but has a long torso. How can I tell when she is too tall for rear facing? (And thanks for the info about needing to be reclined when rear facing – not sure how I’m going to make that work – we only just barely smashed the two car seats in our car by shoving the passenger’s knees into the dashboard so the infant seat can go behind it and squashing the triumph fully upright behind the drivers seat pushed as far forward as we can and still reasonably expect my husband to be able to drive. Don’t know what I’ll do now.)

        • Ellen says:

          At 2, it would be pretty unusual for her to be at the limits of the Triumph Advance. On average, at about 50 inches, a child will reach the limits of the carseat forward facing, but children with longer torsos will obviously not reach the maximum height before outgrowing it. You will know if your daughter has outgrown it rear facing because you will see that there is less than 1″ of space between the top of her head and the top of the shell of the carseat. There are approximately 23.5 inches from the seat cushion to the top of the shell, so if the child is sitting at exactly that angle, a torso of 22.5 inches would be the maximum. Remember, this is all variable and really needs to be measured with your child in the seat just to be sure. I hope that gives you a better picture of the height limit on the Triumph Advance. :)

  11. Janis says:

    Thanks for the great information. I am thinking of going with the Evenflo Triumph 65 (the Advance isn’t available anymore here in Canada it seems), but am wondering about the Graco Nautilus Multi-stage car seat. Do you have any information on it?

    I have recently switched my plans of purchasing the Graco Snugride 35 infant car seat and going straight to a convertible for my first child. The seat will be in my suv but be transferred to my husband’s F-150 every once in a while – we just don’t want to purchase 2 car seats even if it means a little extra time to secure it properly. We’re also not prepared to spend double the money on a Britax. Thanks!

    • Ellen says:

      While the Nautilus models are excellent seats, they are not convertible and cannot be used for an infant.
      Very few seats will last all throughout childhood, and you will need at least 2 seats (convertible and booster, as the 3 in 1s really are not suited well for all sizes).
      If you wanted, you could get an SR35 now and install it in your husband’s car without the base, but it sounds like you want a convertible from the beginning that will work well for babies and older childhood.
      Did you see our review on the TrueFit? It will last your child till 35 lbs RF (unlike the SR35, it will last a LONG while for height) and then till 65 lbs harnessed FF. At that point, you can get a booster which is quite affordable. This will likely last longer than the Triumph if your child is not predisposed to being short as the shell height of the TF is considerably more.

      Good luck in finding the right seat for you!

  12. angela says:

    I just wanted to say that I’ve gotten two of these seats. One for my son, who is now out of it and into a booster, and one for my daughter, who is 14 months old. My son got a huge bruise on his back from this seat, but I thought maybe it was just because he was being crazy in the car and rocking violently (he’s autistic). Nope! My daughter has been in this seat a week now and she too is forming a bruise in the exact same place. I called a friend of mine who I know to also use this seat, and she said her daughter ALSO got that bruise, but they just put a hot pad holder behind her to remedy it happening.

    I just ordered a Britax for my daughter. Hope I have a lot more luck with that. As soon as I get it, I’m trashing the Evenflo. I wouldn’t want anyone else’s child to have that bruise, so I’m not even selling it. Going straight into the trash.
    Just something to be aware of.

    • Ellen says:

      If you’ve only been using it a week, you might be able to return it to the store. It might also be worth it to tell Evenflo. The more complaints they get, the more they might take seriously that there is an issue to be fixed.
      I’m sorry you had this issue; I hope the Britax serves as the throne your daughter deserves :)

  13. Christine F says:

    You should know that you should NEVER use after-market products of any kind as they can void your warranty in the event of an accident. This includes strap covers. They may change the response of the car seat in an accident and are therefore a liability. Rule of thumb: unless the seat came with it or the manufacturer has specifically stated a certain product is authorized, do not use it.

    This is true for ALL car seats.

    I hope this is helpful to you and your readers.

    Here’s to keep our kids safe!

  14. judy says:

    hi just got triumph 65 . had a highback eddie bauer seat … but with the highback i couldnt see out back window i put my baby in the middle .i feel its more safe. and i have 2002 ford focus which has a hatchback … will i be abke to see out the back window with eveno triumph 65 ?

    • Ellen says:

      Which Eddie Bauer seat do you have? I can try to contrast seat measurements for you. Your best bet is probably to just try the install and see if it works; otherwise, you can return it. You are correct that the middle seat is the safest. If the Triumph doesn’t work for you, please let us know, and we will try to come up with other ideas.

  15. Heather says:

    We love this carseat. I was “pro” Graco with my son. This time around I loved the adjustable aspect of the straps in the Evenflo. And this seat fit better in the car with my tall husband.
    My question is…. do the straps remove to be cleaned? My daughter was sick last night and got all over the straps. The cover comes off to be washed but wasn’t sure what to do with the straps or the plastic harness piece across the chest.

    • Ellen says:

      I hope your daughter is feeling better now! Unfortunately, the EFTA straps are not removable, and can only be washed with a damp rag, some soapy mixture in a spray bottle and some elbow grease. I suppose you can try to take the whole seat (without the cover) and try to wash it with running water over it (in the shower perhaps), but your best bet is just to clean it as best as you can manually. We had the same issue and that’s what we did. No smell remains now :)

  16. Alison says:

    Thanks for this detailed review! Do you know if this carseat can be used in a stroller with a carseat adapter bar? Also, can you purchase additional bases to the carseat for multiple cars?
    Thanks again!

  17. becky says:

    My grandson is almost 2 yrs old and we are looking for a front facing car seat. My daughter had a Mazda Protaga and we have a Honda Accord. We like to have the option to carry two people (not skinny not huge) in the backseat. What would be some car seat choices?
    Thank you

    • Ellen says:

      I’m curious what seat he is in now. If he’s already in a convertible as most babies are at his age, how does that fit in the back? If you’re only looking at forward facing seats, the Evenflo Maestro may be a good choice as it doesn’t take up as much seat space as some convertibles, and it will last him through booster stage.

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