Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat Reviews

graco my ride 65 review

A couple years ago, Graco came out with an innovative convertible car seat. Recognizing parents’ wishes for car seats that allowed for extended rear-facing due to the safety benefits, the My Ride 65 was released as an affordable seat with higher height and weight limits. Is the My Ride a good car seat for you? We’ve looked at the ins and outs of this popular car seat and hope that our findings help you make an informed decision.

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graco my ride 65 review

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Safety & Installation
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Video Overview

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Safety & Installation

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This seat will be a very safe option, provided it’s installed correctly and fits your child well. Since the seat is made with high weight and height limits, your child should generally fit for a long time rear-facing. In fact, the average four year old probably will still fit!

Like many of the newer car seats on the market, the My Ride has EPS foam lining deep side wings. In a side-impact collision, a child should stay safely restrained according to Graco’s testing.

the graco myride 65 carseat

When traveling, the My Ride can be used on an airplane as it’s FAA approved. However, it’s a wide seat and you may find it a struggle to get it to fit into an airplane seat. You can experiment with lifting the armrests if you do decide to lug this seat with you.

To ensure a safe installation, Graco color-coded the two straps to attach to the lower anchors in your vehicle when installing using the LATCH system. There is one strap that goes through the forward-facing belt path, and one that goes through the rear-facing one. Each strap has an adjuster on one side. When not using the LATCH system to install the seat, you can easily find the storage areas on the car seat to keep the strap and connectors. If you are installing the car seat with LATCH, you can use the top tether forward facing only. It is not required for this car seat, but it is recommended. Do not use it when rear-facing. The connectors are the hook, clip-on style which some people find a bit harder to use than push-button connectors available in other seats in this class.

the graco myride 65 carseat review

Once your child reaches 48 lbs, you must install the car seat using a seatbelt, since Graco does not allow using the LATCH system at this weight. Do check your vehicle manual to make sure your vehicle allows you to use LATCH to this point, as some manufacturers only allow using LATCH until 40 lbs, at which point you should use this guideline. A seatbelt installation is just as safe if you buckle the seat in nice and tight.

A nice perk is that Graco allows you to use LATCH in the middle seat as long as the lower anchors are spaced less than 11″ from the center of one to the center of the other. This means in a narrow car, you may be able to use LATCH anchors from the outboard seats if the middle seat does not have it; take care to measure it to make sure it’s safe, and remember to never attach 2 car seats to the same anchors, as they’re not made to withstand that weight. See our article on LATCH for more information.

Some have had issues installing this car seat, as is the tendency with almost any car seat due to the individual natures of various vehicles. There is a deep recline on this seat which may make it harder to install forward facing, since the bottom has to be quite forward for the back of the car seat to touch the seat. If you have a vehicle that allows you to adjust your seat back, that may aid the installation — recline the vehicle’s seat, and then bring it forward to secure the restraint. Also note that the belt path to use when forward facing is narrow, and if you don’t have small hands, it may be hard to thread the belt through.


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graco myride carseat in prentis color

With a tall shell, and a rear-facing weight limit until 40 lbs, and a forward facing harness limit till 65 lbs, this My Ride convertible car seat will last a good, long while. The average child will need to switch to forward facing by age 3, but many will last longer. Forward facing, this will last for several more years. The official height limit is 49″, but this is really dependent on torso length. The head must have more than an inch margin from the top of the shell, and the straps must be at or above shoulder level when forward facing. (For rear-facing use, the straps must be at or below shoulder level.)

The highest slot is about 17″ with the cover on, and the total shell height is 23″. (The entire carseat height is 27″.)

The seat is not the smallest in its class, weighing in at a bit under 15 lbs. Its base is 11-12″, but the roomy cupholders, which are not removable, add to it to total 22″ in width.

graco myride


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The padding on the MyRide is middle of the road. Not as plush as more premium seats, it’s still nicely padded where the child sits: the back and bottom of the seat. The sides don’t has as much padding, but for the most part, that part of the seat is not taking the brunt of the child’s weight. The infant insert is a nicely padded cushion, and can be used while the child is using the bottom harness slots. The recline of the seat is very relaxing, although some children don’t like the deep recline when forward facing as it can be harder to see out the window. Nevertheless, it’s a great seat for napping in.


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The cover of the My Ride can be removed and machine washed. Incidentally, one drawback of the seat is that the cover doesn’t seem to be attached with elastic, and so while it can be annoying that it comes loose, it will come in handy when you want to wash the seat cover. The harness strap covers and pillow are also removable. The harnesses don’t have to be untwisted that often, as they slide easily and keep straight when manipulating them. This is a big plus for those who are tired of untwisting straps!

myride 65 carseat

Pros and Cons

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kidkraft train table prosPros: Excellent weight and height limits

the kidkraft train table prosPros: Affordable price

the kidkraft train table prosPros: Roomy

the kidkraft train table prosPros: Clear markings on the seat for necessary safety information

the kidkraft train table prosPros:
Deep cupholders to accommodate many sizes of drinks

the kidkraft train table prosPros:
Removable cover

the kidkraft train table prosPros:
Twist-free straps

kidkraft train table consCons: Big — heavy and wide

kidkraft train table consCons: The angle of the seat can make installation in some vehicles difficult

kidkraft train table consCons: Harness adjuster is low down and can make adjusting while rear-facing difficult

kidkraft train table consCons: Only one crotch strap slot

kidkraft train table consCons: Cover is not as plush as some other seats.

Customer Reviews

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“We bought this seat for our son, and I’m glad that we chose this one over the Britax ones that I almost bought. My son is two years old and very comfortable in this seat, and we still have him rear-facing.

The cupholders are great for long trips. My son uses them for snacks as well as sippy cups. My sister bought a Britax, and she thinks that this seat looks more comfortable for rear-facing kids!

This is a really safe seat from Graco, and I’m glad that we didn’t have to break the bank to buy it!” (read more here: Graco My Ride 65 car seat reviews)

“My son is nearly 24 pounds and almost 32 inches at 16 months old. We are continuing to keep him riding rear-facing because it’s documented to be much safer than riding forward-facing.

I installed it first in the Honda Ridgeline, and it took me about a half an hour to get a good install. I have to put my weight in the seat so that I can pull the LATCH strap simultaneously, in order that there will be less than an inch of movement. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but it’s not a big deal, knowing that my son is safe.

The issue I had was that the seat cover would pop off the cupholders, so I called Graco. They sent me a replacement cover within a few days, so I’m glad to report that they have good customer service.

This is a great seat for the money. No car seat is going to be 100% perfect – and that took me a while to figure out! We also have a Britax Marathon, and I feel that due to the depth of this seat, my son has more legroom in this MyRide 65 than in his Marathon.”

(read over 100 additional reviews here: Graco My Ride 65 Reviews)

Amazon Rating: 4.2 Stars


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In summary: The Graco My Ride is an excellent car seat for most people as it’s very affordable. Do ensure you can get a proper installation in your car before driving your child in it. Most stores are very accommodating of the need to try out car seats and have flexible return policies if it doesn’t suit your needs. Overall, most people will be happy to get a seat that will last a good while without paying an arm and a leg.

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