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The Kidkraft Annabelle dollhouse is one of those dreamy pink-and-purple products that make me wish I could go back in time and spend my free time playing with dolls! Doll tea parties aside, this is a phenomenal product, and I’ll outline the features, dimensions, pros, cons, features, and where to find the best price below:

Dimensions and Materials of the Annabelle Dollhouse:

First of all this is a seriously large dollhouse, measuring 34.8 x 16 x 47 inches, and it weighs forty pounds. So you want to ascertain that you have room for the dollhouse as well as room for your little girl to play in front of it and on its sides. The back of the Annabelle dollhouse is just white paneling, and it comes with brackets so that you can anchor it to a wall if you’re afraid that a toddler may try to climb up on it and cause it to topple. Some people prefer the dollhouses that are open 360 degrees around (like the Cherry Hill Dollhouse Deluxe dollhouse) to this type which sits against the wall and cannot be played with from the back; however, it saves space by being placed against the wall since the other types of dollhouses must be put in middle of the room to be accessible. It’s made out of a combination of wood and MDF, and at 40 pounds is a very sturdy piece of play furniture that will last for years of everyday play.

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Annabelle Dollhouse Furniture:

The Annabelle comes ready to use with enough furniture to decorate each and every room on all three stories. There are also pretty painted scenes on the walls in the background.  Here is the included dollhouse furniture:  Tub, vanity, chaise lounge, toilet, two chairs, piano & stool, table, rug, stove, fridge, lamp, quilt, bed netting, bed, nightstand, and more!  Aside from the rug, quilt, and bed netting, the furniture is all crafted from wood for lasting durability.

The only thing not included is a set of dolls, however any regular twelve inch doll can fit in this dollhouse and on the accompanied furniture. Standard Barbies and Disney Princess dolls fit very well, unlike smaller dollhouses for which you need to buy a whole set of small dolls. If you’re buying this beautiful dollhouse, chances are good that your princess already owns a couple of normal-sized dolls!

the KidKraft Annabelle wooden dollhouse

The Kidkraft Annabelle dollhouse is made out of wood, which is an advantage over the other brands that are made of plastic. Plastic deteriorates over time, becoming brittle and cracking. (That is why plastic safety products such as car seats have expiration dates, as plastic will only last reliably for a few years.) The outside structure of the dollhouse is made of real wood, and the inner floors are made out of MDF, or medium density fiberboard, which is a type of pressed wood. It’s about half an inch thick which gives the dolls and doll furniture plenty of support, however it will not sustain real kids climbing on it. So if you have really wild kids who may try to climb up this dollhouse, you may want to stick with buying them actual climbing toys rather than a dollhouse! The only negative about the MDF is that it can absorb water and bubble up, therefore, teach your daughter that this dollhouse comes with rules: No actual tea at the tea parties in the Annabelle, and no water in the bathtub! If it accidentally gets wet, then dry it with a rag right away and you should be okay as long as the water hasn’t dried in the wood.

dolls inside of the Annabelle dollhouse by Kidkraft

If you’ve been shopping around for that perfect dollhouse for your little girl, then you know that dollhouse furniture can get seriously pricey. I’ve seen dollhouse furniture such as little chair and table sets that cost about the same amount as a real table and chair set! What is lovely about this Kidkraft Annabelle house is that it comes with all the furniture that you need. Every room has a couple of appropriate pieces of furniture, so you don’t need to add accessories to the expense of the dollhouse.

bedroom inside kidkraft annabelle

Customer Review of the Kidkraft Annabelle dollhouse: “My seven year old daughter loves this dollhouse and plays with it daily, so I couldn’t be happier. I don’t think that I would give it to a three year old girl, as the manufacturer recommends, but everyone is different. It comes with loads of furniture and the scenes in the background are so cute! We got this on Amazon for a great price and could not be happier with it!”

the KidKraft Annabelle Dollhouse 65079 review

Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse Assembly:

Assembling the Annabelle dollhouse will take some time. Some people reported getting it all done in 1.5 hours while other folks said that it took about five hours; I suppose it depends a bit on your carpentry abilities. The instructions are visual diagrams rather than informational text, which did bother some people who prefer to read instructions rather than understand photos — we all have different learning styles! A power screwdriver will be a big help as there are lots of screws to tighten. The heads of the screws are painted pink or purple to match the wall where they belong, which is a nice aesthetic touch and also helps you to know which screw belongs where based on color. The only thing you should note is not to tighten the screws of the elevator too much or it will require too much force to easily manipulate it up and down.

Video overview of the Annabelle Dollhouse:

Annabelle Dollhouse 65079

Features and Benefits:

The beautiful Annabelle dollhouse is one of those toys that will give your daughter (or niece, or granddaughter, or even your son!) hours upon hours of enjoyable fun. Little girls can spend a long time in solitary play with this dollhouse using their imagination to create stories and events along with their dolls. It’s also large enough that two or three kids can access and play with the dollhouse simultaneously, so there’s no need to take turns since it’s big enough to accommodate a few children playing simultaneously. This dollhouse does not have lights and sounds as some other brands boast, but that just allows for more imaginative playing rather than scripted electronic play.

Testimonial: “My daughter could not believe her eyes the morning of her birthday! She’s been playing with it every day for the past three weeks. The only difficulty we had was with the elevator being too tight, so then I read about putting petroleum jelly into the elevator sides and not screwing those screws too tight. Since then it’s worked perfectly, and I’m so glad we chose this Annabelle dollhouse!”

There are lovely little features within the Annabelle dollhouse, and so many reviewers have commented that the dollhouse is actually prettier in real life than in the photos! There is a sweet chandelier that dangles from the ceiling. White latticework adds a stately and feminine touch to the exterior of the house. There is a wonderful balcony on the upper floor. The elevator fits the dolls and really can be moved up and down! The bed comes with a real comforter, and there is also a real rug! The attention to detail in this dollhouse is truly exceptional, and that means that your little girl will enjoy it for a very long time.

Any Complaints in the Reviews of the Annabelle Dollhouse?

To save you the trouble and time that it would take to read through all of the reviews from Amazon, Buzzillions, Walmart, Toys R Us, and other retailers, I have summarized all the cons of the Annabelle for you below:

  • The pressed wood of the dollhouse can be damaged by water, which is the case for all wooden products. Therefore, you would be well advised to have those tea parties sans actual liquid tea and to keep the tub dry.
  • Dolls are not included with this house. However, most standard 12″ fashion dolls will fit well.
  • The pressed wood of the floors and walls is not strong enough for kids to climb on — it will break if used as a ladder. Therefore, set rules and keep climbing toddlers under your watchful eye!

Where can I find the best price for the Kidkraft Annabelle dollhouse?

Kidkraft dollhouse

I did quite a bit of research and found that Amazon and Walmart have nearly identical prices (as usual- I think these two giants spy on each others prices and keep adjusting them accordingly!) Costco, that big membership store, charged quite a bit more money for the dollhouse! Unlike Walmart, Amazon offers free shipping for this item, which will save you quite a bit of money as it’s a very heavy package. Check the current price on Amazon here.

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