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The Kidkraft dollhouse selection is sure to delight little girls for hours of enjoyable play. There are several different models of Kidkraft dollhouses, and there are notable differences between them as you can see in the chart below.

It can be challenging to decide which of these dollhouse is best, (as they’re all so beautiful!) so I’ve compiled comprehensive reviews and detailed photos for your convenience. Click the name of the dollhouse in the chart below to read each individual Kidkraft dollhouse review and see close-up photos.

Kidkraft Dollhouse Comparison Chart

Click the name of the dollhouse to read the full review:How many stories high is this dollhouse?How many rooms does this dollhouse have?How many pieces of dollhouse furniture are included?Special features of this dollhouse:Click to check current rating:
Kidkraft Annabelle Dollhouse34 + small balcony16 + chandelier Gliding elevator, lovely heart-shaped latticeworkAnnabelle price4.5
Kidkraft Cherry Hill Dollhouse Deluxe2832Rotates 360 degrees for quick access to the various rooms and levelsCherry Hill price4
Kidkraft Designer Dollhouse34 + small balcony11Two dramatic spiral staircases connect the different floorsDesigner price4.7
Kidkraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse4834 (including a kitten!)Elevator glides back and forth between the second and the third floor,
Garage with doors that swing open and close
Majestic price4.9
Kidkraft My Super Groovy Dollhouse34 + small balcony11Elevator glides back and forth between the second and the third floorSuper Groovy price4.8
Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse46 + 2 small balconies13Wide windows allow dolls to be viewed from multiple points of view and full outdoor patio areaSavannah price4.5
Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse31045Multi-play from all four sides, rolls on casters for ease of mobilitySo Chic price5
Kidkraft Suite Elite Dollhouse3416 + chandelier Elevator glides back and forth between the second and the third floor, two elegant canopy bedsSuite Elite price4.5
The Best Wooden Dollhouse Selection for Girls!

 Kidkraft Dollhouse Reviews:

Compared to other brands of dollhouses, Kidkraft’s dollhouses are superior quality across the board as they are made out of wood rather than plastic like the competitors so they’ll last for years of quality playtime. One mother was searching for a large, sturdy dollhouse for her girls for a while and resigned herself to getting one custom built for over $1,000 until she came across the Kidkraft brand of dollhouses! These dollhouses allow for plenty of imaginative playtime and endless doll tea parties and sleepovers! Dollhouses have been a popular plaything for generations; and you can bring home the magic of these classic toys with a spectacular Kidkraft dollhouse.

Kidkraft currently makes nine different dollhouses! Each one is a gem unto itself, and when you click on the name of each dollhouse above, you’ll see an in-depth review of each one individually.  Bookmark this page if you want to buy a dollhouse as a holiday gift or birthday gift for a little girl in the near future:)

Each Kidkraft dollhouse is meticulously crafted and has at least a 4.5 star review on Amazon, so you can be confident that you are buying your special little girl a dollhouse that will be treasured for years to come!

Additionally, you will be very pleased with Kidkraft’s customer service. A representative of Kidkraft will answer your phone call without a maze of push-button phone prompts! If a piece of your product was lost or damaged, Kidkraft will FedEx it to you immediately – at no charge! You cannot compare Kidkraft’s customer service with most other companies whose agents hardly speak English and will charge you for each part plus shipping, handling, and tax! Order your Kidkraft dollhouse and experience the fun and satisfaction of being the owner of a quality Kidkraft product.


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  1. Dana Seeley says:

    I was just wondering where these are made. I was on a website for toys made in USA only & not all kidkraft dollhouses are on the list. I am interested in the majestic mansion & stated made in china. I do not want to purchase this if it’s from china. Can you help me with this confusion?
    Thank you

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