Kidkraft My Super Groovy Dollhouse

KidKraft My Super Groovy dollhouse review

The Kidkraft My Super Groovy Dollhouse is a seriously cool dollhouse to behold! Dollhouses are a classic toy, and you’ll be pleased to behold that this Groovy dollhouse is made of sturdy composite wood for years of lasting play.

Dimensions of the Kidkraft Super Groovy Dollhouse: This dollhouse measures 34.65″x14″x48.23″ so it’s a large plaything, yet not as large as some of the others in the Kidkraft dollhouse lineup, such as the Kidkraft Majestic Mansion dollhouse.

My Super Groovy dollhouse

This Super Groovy dollhouse comes with eleven pieces of furniture, so you don’t need to be concerned about buying extra accessories to decorate the dollhouse. The furniture is made of wood and includes the following miniature items: Kitchen table, kitchen stools, bed, nightstand, table lamp, floor lamp, tub, toilet, sofa, and coffee table. Wow, that’s quite a selection of dollhouse furniture for your little girl to arrange as she sees fit!

This Groovy dollhouse has an elevator, which is quite possibly where most of the fun happens in this Groovy dollhouse! Your doll can stand inside of the elevator while your little girl glides the elevator up and down the first and second stories of this dollhouse. Tip: A few people advised spraying a bit of WD-40 on the elevator tracks during assembly to ensure a smooth gliding experience.

KidKraft Super Groovy dollhouse review

There are four main rooms in Kidkraft’s My Super Groovy dollhouse. The kitchen and bathroom are on the lower level. Ride the elevator up one flight to find the stylish bedroom with paintings of a dresser, mirror, funky chair, and French doors to the great outdoors. At the third level of the dollhouse you’ll find the living room, complete with a home theater system painted onto the background in bright colors. As you can see in some of these photos, you can switch around the bedroom and living furniture to change those rooms around as you see fit!

dollhouse furniture for the Groovy dollhouse by kidkraft

A review from a happy Mom: “My daughter really wanted a Barbie dollhouse, but this one seemed so much more sturdy and was more reasonably priced. She hasn’t stopped playing with it, and Christmas was nearly three weeks ago! It looks very cool in her room, like a real piece of furniture.” read more customer reviews here.

Groovy dollhouse review

Assembling the Super Groovy dollhouse: Assembling this Kidkraft dollhouse will take you anywhere between one and three hours, depending on your experience with this type of work. A power drill will be handy because there are a lot of little screws. Tip: Before you begin putting together your dollhouse, lay out all your pieces to be sure that none are missing and that you understand which pieces belong in which place. Note that the outside of each screw is painted to match the place where it belongs — this will help you identify where screws belong, and it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the finished dollhouse. (No nasty silver screw heads in this beautiful dollhouse!)

Groovy dollhouse by kidkraft

Any complaints? The only complaint I could find from all the reviews about this dollhouse was that one little girl wished that the bedroom would be on the top floor, as it was in her actual house! As mentioned above, you can easily switch the bedroom with the living room, if you so desire!

KidKraft dollhouse with elevator

“It took me less than an hour to put the whole dollhouse together. A piece from the stairs was broken, so I called Kidkraft. A human answered, and I had the piece Fedexed to me at no charge, and it arrived the next day! I’m still speechless about this awesome customer service! Just be sure you put it together a few days before you need it just in case you need a replacement part.” – read more reviews here.

Video Overview of the Kidkraft Super Groovy Dollhouse:

dolls for Kidkraft Groovy dollhouse

This is a wonderful dollhouse that will last your special little girl for many years of happy and imaginative playing! Role playing is an essential development of a child’s brain, and a large dollhouse is the perfect place for a child to develop these skills.

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