KidKraft New Savannah Dollhouse 65023

the kidkraft savannah dollhouse

The Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse is a lovely mansion with six elegant rooms (plus two smaller rooms on the sides of the upper floor) for endless hours of fun, entertainment, and imaginative play for your sweet little girl. WOW, do I wish I had had this incredibly beautiful, finely detailed, intricately furnished dollhouse when I was a child; I would have adored it! (I love it so much that I am tempted to buy it for my kids, however, my three sons would not appreciate this gorgeous gift!) Here is everything you want to know about the KidKraft New Savannah Dollhouse 65023: Dimensions, features, customer reviews, video, and where to get the best price. Read on!

the kidkraft savannah dollhouse review

The Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse 65023 has the following dimensions: 32.5 x 13.5 x 51 (all these are in inches). It stands at just over four feet tall and weighs in at forty pounds for a very large and sturdy playing experience. Adult assembly is required, as the dollhouse is shipped in pieces. (Shipping is free when you order it on Amazon!)

the kidkraft savannah dollhouse review

Decorated like a true Southern mansion, the Kidkraft Savannah dollhouse 65023 comes with fourteen pieces of true-to-life miniature dollhouse furniture. You’ll notice that the couch and loveseat really have cushions, and the bed is made up with actual doll-size linens! The one thing that drew the most feedback regarding the furniture was its extraordinarily high quality; it’s all made out of wood, not cheap plastic. The six rooms on four stories along with large windows allow multiple children to play with this Savannah dollhouse simultaneously and view the rooms from different angles; its generous size means that it will fit a number of dolls — any brand that is up to 12 inches tall.

KidKraft New Savannah Dollhouse 65023:

Look at the sheer joy in the little girl’s eyes in this sweet video which shows her playing with the Kidkraft Savannah Dollhouse:


kidkraft savannah dollhouse 65023 furniture

From a happy Grandparent: “I bought the Kidkraft Savannah dollhouse for my eldest granddaughter when she was three years old. She is almost seven and has played with the dollhouse for years, it is the centerpiece of her room. It still looks like new, so I am ordering another Savannah dollhouse for my next granddaughter who is now three. This is a dollhouse that has stood the test of time.”

How to assemble the KidKraft New Savannah Dollhouse 65023:

kidkraft savannah dollhouse furniture

Be sure to have 2 adults and at least two hours to put this gorgeous dollhouse together. A power screwdriver will be an enormous help, as there are lots of screws on this dollhouse. The frame is made of wood, but the floors and walls are not as strong, so here is a tip from experienced builders of the Savannah dollhouse: Use a dab of strong glue (such as Gorilla Glue) at each step of assembly. Be aware that the glue expands as it dries, so use just a bit, and also be sure you’re putting the correct pieces together as the glue is pretty much permanent. This will ensure that your dollhouse will hold up to years of doll parties and fun!

From an owner of the Savannah Dollhouse: “It can’t be too hard to assemble as my 14 year old son did it on his own! My daughter absolutely adores this dollhouse, and I’ve been known to play with it too after she’s asleep — shh!”

kidkraft savannah dollhouse furniture

The Savannah dollhouse by Kidkraft is quite large, which is nice as standard Barbie-sized dolls can play inside of it, unlike smaller dollhouses that require miniature dolls to live inside of them. You can also buy a set of Kidkraft dolls so that you have more ‘little people’ for more fun at those tea parties! They make a very sweet doll family of seven in Caucasian as well as an African American family. These dolls have two parents, two grandparents, a sister, brother, and baby doll for lots of family interaction! The Disney Princess dolls also fit nicely inside of this Kidkraft dollhouse.

kidkraft family of dolls

If you are looking for that special toy that will truly keep your child occupied for hours on end, but it is not an electronic device, then you’ve found it. The Kidkraft dollhouse allows children to use their imagination in creating stories and dramas with their dolls inside the lovely dollhouse. Little girls can feel in control of their very own household as the proud owners of the Savannah dollhouse, which allows them to begin the process of maturing by imagining what it will be like to be an adult. (Adulthood seems so far away when you’re 5 years old, remember?) This is a dollhouse that will be cherished for several years, something special that will entertain your child day after day. Unlike most games, this is the kind of toy that can be enjoyed either alone or together with one or more friends or siblings.

Any complaints about the KidKraft New Savannah Dollhouse 65023?

  • There is no “outside” with this dollhouse, as the back is just plain white paneling which is best anchored to a wall. You can add trees and flowers from another set of dollhouse furniture, but the Savannah dollhouse does not come with any outdoor things.
  • the kidkraft savannah dollhouse review and best price
  • The roof and floors are made of pressed wood so they can be damaged by water. Thus, keep the tea parties to imaginary tea in the Savannah dollhouse! There were some complaints about the floors not being so sturdy, but when used properly, the Savannah dollhouse will last for years. Remember: this is NOT a toy for kids to climb on; only for dolls!
  • The directions contain pictures instead of text, which some people disliked, yet other people preferred. It’s a subjective complaint, I suppose.

Testimonial from a father: “It took me almost two hours to build the Savannah dollhouse. My daughter spends hours playing with it. It’s very sturdy, and I can see it lasting for years. The furniture is very detailed, and it’s quite similar to those other dollhouses that cost twice the price. This is definitely the best bang for your buck.”

Where can I find the best price for the Kidkraft Savannah dollhouse?

After researching brick and mortar stores and online retailers, the lowest price can be found for you on amazon. They offer free shipping, which offsets a large chunk of the price you’d pay at other sites for a seventy pound box! Occasionally, membership stores such as Costco may have this dollhouse in stock at a similar price, but their inventory and pricing changes very often. Check the current price for the Kidkraft Savannah dollhouse here.

the kidkraft savannah dollhouse review and best price

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