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Kidkraft So Chic Dollhouse 65078

the kidkraft so chic dollhouse

Absolutely lovely. Those were the first words that came to mind when I took my first look at the Kidkraft So Chic dollhouse 65078 while researching dollhouses for my nieces. Of all the gorgeous dollhouses that Kidkraft makes (and each one is dreamier than the next!), the So Chic is the largest with the most available play area. Continue reading to find out about its dimensions, features, pros and cons, and where to get the best price:

kidkraft so chic dollhouse review

The Kidkraft So Chic dollhouse has several advantages over the other gorgeous lineup of Kidkraft dollhouses:  360 degree access, it rolls on casters, and comes with 45 pieces of furniture!

Complete, 360 degree access
:  You will notice that the So Chic dollhouse can be accessed from 360 degrees, which means that all four sides are open for playing.  With most of the other dollhouses, the back wall is solid paneling and full access is only from the front of the dollhouse, along with limited access through windows on the sides.

so chic dollhouse review

Rolling casters
:  The So Chic dollhouse is large, but that does not mean that you have to keep it in a corner of the room!  You can easily roll the dollhouse around to your desired location for play due to its convenient smooth-rolling casters.  By all means, store the dollhouse in a corner — but roll it out into the center of the room for playing time!  The wheels roll so easily that your child will be able to maneuver this dollhouse around the room!

the kidkraft dollhouse dining room so chic

Dollhouse furniture:  If you’ve been searching for dollhouse furniture for a while, you’ll know that it can cost nearly as much as another whole dollhouse — despite the tiny size of the miniatures!  With the So Chic dollhouse, you need not be concerned about the additional expense or hassle of finding appropriate furniture, as this beautiful dollhouse comes along with 50 pieces of wood furniture — that’s more than enough to decorate all ten of its pretty rooms!

kid kraft so chic doll house

So Chic Dimensions:  The So Chic dollhouse is one of the largest of all the Kidkraft dollhouses, so you want to be sure that you’ll have sufficient space for this charming dollhouse before you order it!  34.2 x 27.2 x 46.2 inches.  The large size of this dollhouse makes it an ideal plaything for multiple children, so if you have several siblings who may want to play with this simultaneously — you’re in luck!  With so much access from all four sides, there won’t be any sibling rivalry about who gets to play with it first; they can all play with it together from all around!  If you will have lots of play-dates for your kids, then the So Chic is the ideal dollhouse to serve as the centerpiece of a group of children’s play.

kidkraft doll house so chic

So Chic dollhouse’s Weight:  This dollhouse weighs 50 lbs, which is quite heavy.  You’ll probably want help bringing the box into your home, and it’s a good idea to assemble it in the room where you want it to live.  Once it’s built, the So Chic dollhouse moves easily on the included casters.

dollhouse so chic bedroom

Assembly:  Assembling the So Chic dollhouse will take you anywhere between one and four hours, depending on your speed and level of expertise.  A power drill would be helpful, but not mandatory, as there are lots of little screws that need to be screwed in place to build this dollhouse.  All of the parts are labeled clearly, and the instructions show very clear diagrams.  Tip:  Before you start assembling the dollhouse, lay out all of the pieces and match them with the drawings in the diagrams to be sure that you have everything.  Just in case you are missing a piece, or even if a piece arrived damaged, you can contact Kidkraft here, and they’ll quickly replace it for you!

the so chic kidcraft dollhouse

The rooms of the So Chic Dollhouse:  You’ll find ten lovely rooms in this dollhouse, which is more than many little girls have in their actual houses!  What are they:  Kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, purple bedroom with a single bed, lavender bedroom with a bunkbed, the green den, the pink formal dining room, the baby’s nursery, and an office!  Each room comes with enough furniture to fully decorate it, and it includes sweet extras like ceiling fans and rugs.

kid kraft so chic dollhouse for girls

Any complaints?  From the many happy parents who reported that they would buy the So Chic dollhouse all over again, I was able to find just one complaint among all the positive reviews:  One little girl did not understand why the baby’s light blue high chair belonged in the upstairs nursery — don’t babies eat in the kitchen?  Other than that, customers were delighted with their purchase of this dollhouse, and the high chair can be moved down to the kitchen, although it does match the nursery decor better!

“It was very simple.  After we bought this dollhouse for my granddaughter, my wife and I were the greatest grandparents in the world!”

kidkraft so chic dollhouse reviews

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